Make The Whole World Know The Truth About "Double Cultivation of Men and Women" By The Lhama.

Writer:Yɑo Youwei

Translator:Tian ci

proofreader:Yang fengsu


Special Explanation: The liars of Lhamaism are endangering the Chinese mainland, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and furthermore endangering many countries and regions of the rest of the world. In order to prevent more and more Chinese and foreign women from being cheated and being infected with HIV AIDS, any friends from abroad and home are welcome to forward (translate) this article on the Internet. Thank you! Thank you very much!!


Introduction: On my website (Yao has a website) there is a critical article about Falun Gong called "Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi"(530,000 words), because Li Hongzhi uses the Lhamaism to enchant and instigate the followers to do the double cultivation of men and women, so in the Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi, there is an article titled "On the Falsehood and Deceptive Nature of the Lhamaism". Since on October 1st 2001, I uploaded an article of Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi (whose original name was An Analysis of Li Hongzhi's Deceitful Lies and received many letters among which there are some letters from those women who had been cheated by Lhamaism to do the double cultivation of men and women. They asked me to write an essay from their own personal experience to reveal the guilt of the Lhamaism about cultivation of man and woman, and to expose their private lives. Because it is an anonymous letter and lack of persuasive evidence, I am afraid to cause some sensitive religious issues, so I never dare to write such an essay, but I have always been meditating about it. There is an old friend who I have known for many years. He helped me unconditionally and I've always been grateful to the friendship. My good friend has a little sister named Yi Ke. When I knew Yi ke's brother, she was a bright, lively and little girl, and I used to have the very happy time with her. Later, by getting more development of her knowledge and gaining more and more common languages, she gradually became the friend in sharing the understanding on the academic field. We talked about literature, aesthetics, Buddhism philosophy, sitting health, meditation experience, psychology, psychological consultation..... She always shares the happy things in the life and all her perspectives are optimistic. Yi ke is beautiful and talented on dancing, singing, and drawing. She graduated from Communication University of China and engaged in drama editing and hosted in TV station of Shenzhen. She outperformed in the test for the National Secondary Psychological Counselor. I always thought that her life was full of sunshine and happiness. However, on July 2017, Yike suddenly called me and gave me a brief summary of the suffering experience of being fooled by Lhamasim. I asked her why she didn't tell me right after this and she said that she was embarrassed to tell me her sufferings before, but now she was endangered so she must prepare herself for the final fight of life and death. She also told me that she was accused by the lawsuit that was initiated by the liars of Lhamaism. I was angry and said: "Don't cry, come to my house and describe the details of the case and I will try my all-out efforts to demand the justice for you. Yi ke came to my home and told me the details of her experience that was cheated by Lhamaism and the case that was fabricated by Lhamaism. I said to Yi Ke that I have the comprehensive knowledge about the Lhamaism and promised to win back the victory of lawsuit firstly and later I wrote some articles about criticizing the Lhamaism. I wrote the real experience of Yi ke into my essay and made it more real and convincing. Yi ke said I can use a pseudonym, but the case is true and she is not afraid of the perpetrator she has revealed. With my help, Yi Ke was not anxious anymore and gradually calm down. She said she has a friend who was also the victim of Lhamaism and her friend was willing to use the real name to reveal the guilt about the cultivation of the man and woman of Lhamaism. Besides, we can translate our articles into various languages and with the Internet, more and more people will learn the corrupted inside story of Lhamaism. I was very touched to see the significant courage of her and her friend, and immediately agreed on their plan. I have found out that there are many articles on the Internet, but there are three shortcomings: one is the lack of systematic criticism of the fouled history of the "double cultivation of men and women". Second, even for the authors who are not really socially influential persons are unwilling to make their real names appear in the public (scholars) and many of them are netizens with nicknames. The third is that many articles are in simplified Chinese. For these three reasons, According to my take, the dissemination of Lhamaism has become more and more widespread and more and more innocent persons are victimized by this perpetrated religion faith in the past ten years. The victims of the Lhamaism cover more and more people who are living in different fields of the society. Today, my good friend's sister is persecuted by the "living Buddha" of Luosang zhiba. As a man who wants to voice for my friend and I must stand out to protect her! I write this essay to make the whole world know the double cultivation of men and women. I hope the civilization of the world to force the Lhamaism to conform to the trend of world and immediately carry out the fundamental doctrine reforms to abolish ignorant, dirty and corrupted men and women cultivation.



Looking Back on the Dirty History of "Double Cultivation of Men and Women" of Lhamaism


I. Overview of Lhama

Buddhism has a history of more than 2500 years, created by Sakyamuni who is an ancient Indians. Buddhism has a wide influence on the three religions of the world. The other two religions are Christianity and Islam. After a hundreds of years development of Buddhism, the original Buddhism was divided into many sections because of different understanding of the doctrine. Later, Buddhism was passed to other regions. Tibetan Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Buddhism or Lhamaism, the branch of Buddhism was introduced into Tibet. It belongs to the north Buddhism, and is called as three Buddhism categories along with Han Buddhism and South Buddhism.

There are complicated historical backgrounds in the division of Buddhism and the formation of sections, and Buddhism in Tibet belongs to the Secret School. One of the so-called "Significant Spells" is "men and women cultivation". According to the research of experts from the countries such as India, China and other countries, the "double cultivation of men and women" in  Esoteric Buddhism comes from "the double cultivation of men and women" in Chinese early Taoism. Some scholars in India found that Dharma Sutra, Wind God Curse Tandro, Mahayana Road repair law, Mi Man Shan Tandoro, Brahma Tandooruo and several Brahmanism Vatican literatures also mention Chinese Women Secret in the Indian Catholic Church and the worship of mother worship or solitary mother worship. India's Esoteric Buddhism also prevail the "five true secrets which is also related to China. Dharma Sutra and Wind God Curse Tandro also mentioned that in the fourth century AD, the wet stupa had gone to China to learn Mahayana from the Taoist. An Indian scholar Lei Yi wrote in his "ancient medieval history of Indian chemistry,"  a book that the Indian Tamil literature records that in the South India's 18 "winner" two of them are Chinese. Tamil names Bo Gale and Puribani. They traveled to India in the 3rd century AD to teach Taoism, medical and alchemy, and Bocher had brought his disciples back to China to study and his disciples returned to India after the study.  In the classic Rudra Questions, volume 17, he said that the son of Brahma, Sisawai, had worked hard for several years but failed, and his father persuaded him to seek the" Chinese practice law ". He later came to China and saw the Buddha and numerous naked warriors drinking and eating meat and having sexual intercourse with beauties. He was lost when he was confounded by the Buddha and the Five Morals. The so-called" wumo" is alcohol, fish, meat, sexual preparation, male and female. It is just the ceremony of Heqi held by the Taoist Temple in Southwest China. Another authority of the classic Brahma Questions, also known as" Fengshen in Dogiro "also records the same general statement It said that the master of Tanjong went to" Mos Phraseology "and" Qin Di ". When he wanted to learn the right way, he saw the Buddha's memory of alcohol and wine. In doubt, Buddha taught him" Five Morals ". Zhang Yi, a member of the Academy of Social Sciences of Sichuan Province, pointed out in the book Indian Religion and Chinese Buddhism that Taoism spreads into India mainly through the Yunnan-Myanmar line, the so-called Southern Silk Road today. The theory is rational. According to this theory, the dissemination route of Taoism in China's Taoism is the Indian Secret School of birthplace Carmo (Assam), whose starting location connects the western end of the Silk Road, and the eastern end connects to the other end point of the Silk Road, namely, the early Chinese Taoist Wudang Taoist Temple Chengdu area. During the period from the 2nd century to the 4th century, Buddhism spread eastward along the Silk Road of Southwest China. At the same time, the" Dao he Qi "of the early Chinese Taoism Tianshi Road also traveled along the same route, which stimulated the Five Capabilities in the area of Mount Carmel amanbo in neighboring China. From the 8th century AD, it came back to the Han-Tibetan area of China. Dr. Joseph Li, a modern British biochemist, historian of science and technology, and a famous scholar, pointed out: at the first sight, the secret society appears to be imported from India. But careful inquiry into its time makes us think that at least all of its things are from Taoism.(History of Science and Technology in China). This is also pointed out by the well-known Dutch sinologist Gao Luopei He said that it's obvious that this feature of Vajra passes from China to India due to the fact that in the early days of the era it flourished in India, and it was introduced from China to India. (Chinese Ancient Sex Examination- Appendix)

It is the sexual science in ancient China. From the viewpoint of modernity science, it mainly includes aspects such as sexual knowledge, sexual skills, treatment of sexual dysfunction and conception.

Chinese ancient sexual methods are products of polygamy. China is one of the ancient civilizations, and it is the only one with no interruption and perdition. In primitive society, and human beings have no marriage, no fixed sexual partner. Sexual life is very natural and chaotic. Men and women can make love at any time and any place, as long as willing to be able to have the sexual intercourse. They do not need to care the sense of shame, sexual chaos. Their sex lives were as roughly same as the current wild chimpanzees, monkeys and other mammals. Between 1.7 million years and 10,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese experienced matriarchal clan society and sexual relations were relatively fixed, but people only knew that there was no father only mother, and mother and son could not have sexual intercourse. Because of the fact that people did not pay attention to father, sexual intercourse between father and daughter was unknown and sexual behavior was limited to the sexual relations between partners. Five thousand years ago, Huang Di, Yandi and Yao, Shun and Yu, entered into the patrilineal society dominated by monogamy, but every leader, e.g. Huang Di, Yan Emperor, Yao, Shun and Yu, had more than two wives. Yao married her two daughters to Shun. But the change of marital relationship is not abrupt, and the family form experienced the process of its initial formation. This process was largely completed in the first slavery country Xia Dynasty. From the Xia Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty, it was a secular society. King of Zhou has more than a hundred children, which is typical of polygamy. That is to say, the sexual intercourse is created in the slavery society of the Xia Dynasty.

China's ancients believe that sexual intercourse is the natural desire of human beings and it shall not be forbidden. But at the same time, the vitality of the man and the woman is being consumed when the sexual life was made, especially for men. The upper class of the monarchs and the rich, made up of the modern society and the colonialists, practiced the polygamy. Since the male parent of the polygamist family possessed many women, he also had the duty to meet their wives sexual desire. However, a man's sexual capacity is limited after all. If he has sexual intercourse in the normal way, and it is difficult to meet the sexual desires of more women except the first one he had with at the same night. Thus inevitably, their wives would make some complaints about sleeping alone at night. The male breadwinner of the polygamist family enjoys the pleasure of making intercourse with the numerous wives and concubines. In order to make a large number of the family members and gain the longer and happier life, it is necessary to study the secret of sexual intercourse. That is how the sexual intercourse methods were born.

Sexual intercourse method is one of the four best ways of keeping health. Huang Di’s Classic of Medicine is the first classic of traditional Chinese medicine classic to explain the sexual intercourse. In this classic, two parts Plain Questions and Lingshu discussed the contents of many sexual intercourse methods. The main contents of this article are as follow: the sexual function, the principle of sexual life and taboo, and the treatment of sexual dysfunction (illness). It is an ancient sex science in China, and many ideas are the summary of the experience and wisdom of the Chinese ancients.

Later, the traditional Chinese sexual intercourse medicine was misused by Fang Shi, who became the prescription of Fang Shi. After the Taoist found, the sexual intercourse method was used as Taoism regimen to treat illness, keep health, and practice immortal Taoism (magic).

A prominent language feature of sexual intercourse is talking only about sex, not love. China's sexual intercourse book is quite a special sex life technology book, talking about "sex" not "love", and the language is simple, terminally and standardized. It was not until 1972the archeological evidence was discovered, which were the bamboo slips unearthed at the tomb of Mawangdui Tomb.

The basic principle of sexual intercourse is: intercourse between man and woman is the sum of yin and yang, and if the yin and yang does not cross, people cannot keep healthy. However, frequent sexual intercourse will be harmful to people’s health. Firstly, to pay attention to ways of sexual intercourse; second is to control the desire of sexual intercourse; Third is to follow the implementation of sexual taboo. The basic purpose of ancient Chinese sexual intercourse is to last vent for men. It means that in the process of sexual intercourse, men keep themselves vent and at the same time to make women achieve orgasm. If men can maintain vent for a long time in the sexual intercourse, they can maintain the ability to coitus with multiple women overnight. For this reason, almost all the books take the "long-term cross-cutting" as the most important practice.

In the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Taoism was produced in China, and both men and women were treated as Taoism priests. It is popular to say that by taking the cultivation of men and women to get the so-called "Neidan" through sexual intercourse in order to achieve the illusion of immortality.

The primary stage of Taoism is the appearance of five bucket of rice and Taiping Dao. The five buckets of rice was the first early Taoism doctrine; the founder was the Zhang Dao-ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty (126-144). Anyone who enters the road shall have five buckets of rice. Therefore, people called him "rice wizard", "rice thief" and "rice warlock". Zhang Dao-ling calls himself a master, so five buckets of rice Tao is also called Tianshi Tao.

Tianshi Tao has the supreme goal of growing immortals. Its main Taoism philosophy is sexual intercourse. Immortal Ways Zhang Dao-ling records Zhang Dao-ling taught a way to teach his disciples the sexual intercourse, and also used the sexual intercourse to treat the civilians. That is to say that sexual intercourse with the patient can cure disease. As to on how Zhang Dao-ling treated the disease by means of sexual intercourse, it has not been found of any records on any history book. But we can get some information from the opposite side. For example, in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, there was a man named Zhen Luan, who was a magistrate of Hanzhong Prefecture. He was skilled in calculating the scriptures, but also engaged in textual research. He was regarded as a mathematician and scholar in ancient China. He was originally a Taoist, and then went on the way to Buddhism, struck the Taoist priest and wrote a book named Laughing at Tao to expose and criticize the Taoists. Tianshi Tao not only teaches the art of sexual intercourse as the law of cultivation, but also holds the ceremony full of mysterious atmosphere, which is called Chinese Qi Zhen Shu, also known as He Qi. This kind of ceremony is held on the night of the first day in each month and the night of fifteenth day in each month and before this, men and women have to quit for three days. Dancing at the ceremony, then men and women carry out "He Qi", and the so-called "He Qi" is sexual intercourse. Obviously, the way of Zhang Dao-ling and his followers are described briefly in modern language, and it can be summarized in two words- group sexual intercourse. Now from the two angles of psychology and civilized morals, Zhang Dao-ling and his followers are actually a group of psychopathic rogues!

Later, a number of Taoism leaders wrote books about the double cultivation of men and women. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wei Boyang described the "secret skill" of Shuang Xiu Pai Dan method in the classic of The Book of Changes in Zhouyi. Then Lv Dongbin, Zhang Boduan, Liu Yongnian, Chen Zhixu, Lu Qianxu, Zhang Sanfeng, Li Hanxu, Qiu Zhaoao and other people all concentrate on Shuang Xiu Pai Dan.

One of the main fallacies of the Taoism "double cultivation of men and women" is the so-called "supplement of Ying and Yang". Taoism theorists argue that, at the time of coitus, if a man can achieve "long-term cross-fertilization", it will be able to obtain the supplement of the expectant disease in the vaginal secretion solution ("female essence") of the female orgasm. It is also believed that women's saliva, emulsion, etc. also has the beneficial effect. From the viewpoint, the theory of Taoism is pure nonsense!

Since the early Taoism was centered on men. And in the men's eyes, women are only the tools of cultivation called Female Tripod. Many Taoism scriptures have very clear criteria for selecting Female Tripod. To read it in the simple way, the more beautiful the Female Tripod is, the better result it will be. From the standpoint of sexual morality, it is immoral to sacrifice women at the expense of "the double cultivation of men and women".

In recent years, "male and female's double cultivation", "taking yin to supplement yang" become popular once again among the people, and many people fascinate on "men and women double cultivation". Some medical researchers found that the reason that many patients with prostatitis continues to develop the symptom is because of "taking yin to supply yang and often "long-term non-relief." on the clinic. It turns out that when it comes to peak of sexual excitement, some of the ejaculatory duct, vas deferens and smooth muscle face the contraction. Semen has reached the inside of the posterior urethra, and just waiting to initiate the trigger. There is a muscle called verumontanum that locates in the crossing part of the posterior urethra and ejaculation tube. This place is an excitement point which is easy to ejaculate. So if the sperm accumulates to this site but does not release, it will lead to prostatitis. If it is often tolerated, it will be harmful to the prostate. It can be seen how foolish "taking yin to supplement yang" and "long-term non-relief." on the ancient Taoism. As a wonderful magic spell, it's the same stupidity of today's opera as Chinese Taoism priests more than a thousand years ago! A stupid thing without common sense! Ignorant fool! If they are not fools, it's the deliberate use "taking yin to supply yang and often "long-term non-relief." to vent their perpetrated sexual desires of the nature of the animal.

Another major fallacy of the Taoism "double cultivation of men and women" is the so-called "refinement of the brain". It means that as the sexual intercourse happens, and at the moment of imminent ejaculation, if the man uses the finger to press the vas deferens, and this action can force the semen go up back to the brain. Because male semen is regarded as extremely precious life fluid in the theory of atrial surgery, it is thought that the arrival of semen up back to the brain can complement the brain. Any ejaculation is a considerable loss of male "essence", to the extent that it is only worth ejaculation in order to make a woman pregnant. Therefore, it is also regarded as a secret skill that cannot be easily carried out by experts. Modern medical evidence shows that such so-called " refined brain" is the illusion of ancient foolish Taoism theorists. As the matter of a fact, as it is operated according to the above method, the semen may not come out again after pressing the vas deferens at the perineum, but the semen will enter the bladder and then discharge it with the urination. It is interesting that in many places around the world, the above-mentioned method is treated as a contraceptive technique. This contraception is still visible in some modern Europeans. It is said that it was also recommended in the health pamphlets published in the sixties in China. The "expert" of the ancient stupid Taoist room injected his own semen into his bladder, and regarded it as the secret skill to cultivate the brain. It's a wonderful spell of repairing Buddha! Silly Lhama shot his semen into his bladder, and it also preached the skill of his spell to his disciples. It was stupid! The Lhama of modern physiology is a fool! Ignorant fool!

The "double cultivation of men and women" in the Taoism was later used by Buddhism. There are two main sources of mystic Buddhism: one is Mahayana Buddhism, and the other is the Hindu sexual Buddhism (indulgence). There are three main origins of its cultivation: first, yoga; second, Taoism; third, Indian folk witchcraft.

From a historical perspective, Esoteric Buddhism can be divided into early, middle and late phases. In the late period, Esoteric Buddhisms emphasis is placed on performance-based and sexual-belief ceremonies, which are foolish to regard that sex is the biggest creative energy source. Through sexual intercourse, creative energy in the human spirit and body can be stimulated and merged with the large energy of the soul of the universe to achieve the highest spiritual world. For this reason, they directly treat sexual intercourse as a religious ceremony, and make men and women god in sexual intercourse. It was attended by both sexes at midnight by the number of men and women who were married or unmarried. This method of sexual intercourse is called Lunbao Gong-yang. The first four kinds of happiness are fish, meat, wine grain and diet, and the last is coitus. Meditation and other preparation before coitus are necessary before the real sexual intercourse and then take many forms of sexual intercourse. Men and women dissolve into the happiness to experience the one-in-one of individual soul and universe. In short brief, through sexual intercourse and it can supplement them to cultivate the Buddha. In the simple word, it is to cultivate the Buddha by finishing men and women double cultivation In layman's words, the so-called doctrine of the teachings of the mysterious. In fact, it is the decline of human civilization and the original human incest and group sexual intercourse.

About the so-called "PeldenLhamo" in Esoteric Buddhism, PeldenLhamo is the mate of the opposite sex of male senior spiritual practitioner, and it is the name and the title of spiritual and physical partners. In the spiritual practice, male spiritual practitioners symbolize compassion, while female spiritual practitioners symbolize wisdom. The combination of these two special practitioners can bring the realm of human thought and physical condition to the highest level of transcendence, and thus have the power of mercy and wisdom to rescue others."Le Kong Shuangyun" or the general male and female double cultivation" are the things that are emphasized in the Esoteric Buddhism,.

About the so-called "PeldenLhamo" in Esoteric Buddhism, PeldenLhamo is the mate of the opposite sex of male senior spiritual practitioner, and it is the name and the title of spiritual and physical partners. In the spiritual practice, male spiritual practitioners symbolize compassion, while female spiritual practitioners symbolize wisdom. The combination of these two special practitioners can bring the realm of human thought and physical condition to the highest level of transcendence, and thus have the power of mercy and wisdom to rescue others."Le Kong Shuangyun" or the general male and female double cultivation" are the things that are emphasized in the Esoteric Buddhism,.

The Esoteric Buddhism created a Mandkesvara. The sexual intercourse between Mandkesvara and PeldenLhamo is regarded as the great bliss form. The Mandkesvara is regarded as the tool to adjust the mood and to cultivate Buddhism features.

I've searched for "Mandkesvara" at Baidu searching engine, and found that many of them are "kaleidoscopic change ". It is super exciting temptation to stimulate the eyes. Many pictures of Mandkesvara and PeldenLham can contaminate the psychology of some teenagers. And we should never ignore the catastrophic results brought to the teenagers by the pictures of Mandkesvara and PeldenLham that is the very important reason to tempt the teenagers to commit the crime that is related to the sexuality. And strongly appeal Baidu to ban Mandkesvara as the sensitive word.


(Picture. 1: Mandkesvara and wise lady)

Buddhism began to decline in India, and Buddhism disappeared in India at the end of the 12th century. From the academic perspective, when the time came to the south Song Dynasty, it is one of the important factors of the extinction of Esoteric Buddhism due to the abandonment of the doctrine of Mahayana Disciplines in India. So today's so-called "double cultivation method of men and women" is an evil doctrine, also seen as the non-Buddhism, and it is the criminal to push the Indian Buddhism to the destruction outside the law!

Since ancient China's "double cultivation of men and women" goes against the traditional Chinese morality, it has been condemned by public opinion and the imperial court system, so it doesnt dare to activate it rampantly in the spotlight. Most of the Taoism sections have abandoned the double cultivation of men and women, and only a few sections continue to insist on the double cultivation of men and women. The "double cultivation of men and women ", absorbed the ideal of Taoism and returned to China through the Esoteric Buddhism, was condemned by public opinion and the imperial court system. After the Tang Wuzong forbad Buddhism, the catastrophe disappeared from the mainland of China.

Since ancient China's "double cultivation of men and women" goes against the traditional Chinese morality, it has been condemned by public opinion and the imperial court system, so it doesnt dare to activate it rampantly in the spotlight. Most of the Taoism sections have abandoned the double cultivation of men and women, and only a few sections continue to insist on the double cultivation of men and women. The "double cultivation of men and women ", absorbed the ideal of Taoism and returned to China through the Esoteric Buddhism, was condemned by public opinion and the imperial court system. After the Tang Wuzong forbad Buddhism, the catastrophe disappeared from the mainland of China.

Esoteric Buddhism disappeared from the well-developed Chinese mainland but found the living space of this corrupted Esoteric Buddhism in the isolated Tibet.

There are two meanings of the Tibetan Buddhism: first is the formation of Tibetan Buddhism and the influence of Tibetan Buddhism in other areas (such as Mongolia, Sikkim, Bhutan, etc.); second refers to the use of Tibetan to spread Buddhism, such as Mongolia, Naxi, Yugu, Tu and other ethnic groups even have their own languages or texts to spread Buddhism, but teaching, debate, chanting and writing are still done in Tibetan, which is also known as "Tibetan Buddhism".

The Tibetan Buddhism began in the middle of the 7th century. When the Tibetan King Srongtsen Gampo married Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti Devi and Wencheng Princess of the Tang Dynasty, the two Princesses took the images of eight-year-old Sakyamuni and of twelve-year-old Sakyamuni. Srongtsen Gampo converted to Buddism under the influence of the two Princesses. Jokhang Monastery and Ramoche Temple were built at that time. Tibetan most famous Buddhist architecture, the Potala Palace, originated in the palace of Wencheng Princess in the 7th century, but it accomplished todays significant scale until the 17th century.

By the middle of the eighth century, Esoteric Buddhism was introduced directly from India to Tibet. After the introduction of Esoteric Buddhism into Tibet, it used to face the incompatibility with other parties for a long time, such as the non-existence of various indigenous witches, but finally conquered them and also integrated with the ideologies, ceremony, warlock, and rites of other parties. Some doctrines, ceremony and folk witchcraft have formed a strong local "feature" of Tibet. In the second half of the 10th century Lhamaism formally formed and in the 13th century it began to spread in the Mongolian region. Over the course of more than 300 years, although it has become a cult of all sorts, it is common practice to the coitus of secret religions. The Tibetan Buddhism with local features is called Tibetan Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Secret Buddhism or Lhama. With the development of Buddhism in Tibet, the upper class gradually manipulated the privilege, and finally formed a unique Lhamaism which can make the swift switch between politics and religion.

Frankly speaking, before the middle of the 7th century, the Bonchenpo (Old Tibet) was still extremely ignorant and barbarous, and the tribes persecute and plunder with each other in a bloody manner. It is the major foreign infestation of tribes in the western regions of the Tang Dynasty. The virtuous wife of Wencheng Princess was beautiful and knowledgeable, and was crowned as the queen by the Tibetan king Srongtsen Gampo. She took the majestic culture of Tang Dynasty and Buddhism to the Tang Dynasty and shared Buddhism, which significantly affected the Bonchenpo. The economic and cultural aspects had also been greatly developed by the nutrition of the civilization of the Great Tang Dynasty. In fact, the Tang dynasty used the beauty strategy and cultural diplomacy to change the Bonchenpo and eliminate the outer attacks. Unfortunately, in the middle of the 8th century, Esoteric Buddhism was introduced into Tibet, and Tibet entered a new ignorant and barbarous age.


In general terms, Lhamaism is in the coat of Buddha, which is a hybrid of Chinese sexuality and Indian &Bonchenpo folk witchcraft, in which there are magic tricks to tempt and threaten the masses with all sorts of evil-doers, in order to set up a dark theocracy in the name of God with evil-magic doctrine that is covered by the glory. It is neither a cultivating practice, nor a Buddhist Padipata. It is the religion in diabolism to satisfy the evil desires of people endlessly.


The meaning of Lhama in Tibetan language is "Rinpoche", which is the respectable title for monks.

Lhamaism in Tibet's development, like all religions, had undergone a division of the evolution of the process, and finally formed the five factions: the Nyingma, Sakya, Kargyu (also known as the Red Faction), Kadam, and Dgelugspa. The tribes broke up into a number of sections respectively. The great influence is Dgelugspa, also called as the Yellow Faction, the founder of which was Tsongkhapa. The adoption of the reincarnation system of the living Buddha was the turning point of the Dgelugspa. During the Qing dynasty, Dgelugspa formed the Dalai Lhama, Panchen Erdeni, Chang Hutukkta(Inner Mongolia), Zanabazar (outer Mongolia) four-living-Buddha reincarnation system.


Ⅱ. What's the role of "men and women double cultivation"?

Although the doctrine of the Lhamaism is interpreted in different ways, it is very similar. But it attaches great importance to the "double cultivation of men and women". Although the "double cultivation of men and women" originated in ancient China's Taoism, because it blended into ancient India and ancient Tibet, it formed the "double cultivation of men and women" of ignorance, nasty, and metamorphosed Tibet.

The "double cultivation of men and women" is extremely foolish, nasty, and extremely metamorphosed. I have revealed the "double cultivation of men and women" by the principle of seeking truth from facts. There are many people who do not believe my thoughts. In order to make readers quickly understand the nasty and metamorphosed "double cultivation of men and women", I will introduce the principle of "turnover".

The doctrine of turnover is explained by the Lhamaism with the ridiculous viewpoint, since the world is illusory and there is no law. It is more able to see the illusory of the world by breaking the law and regulations, and people will become more fully enlightened when the practitioner intentionally goes to the taboo of society. So to destroy all the rules of the world is the ultimate goal of the secret practitioner. In popular terms, the "rule of turnover" is to turn black into white, which means to do against the law, morals and religion of human society. In order to make the readers quickly understand this "turning rule", I cite five examples here: [example 1]: sex is a taboo for former Buddhism monks, and that means sex is forbidden for monks. It is clear to the friends who have seen the TV series Journey to the West, in which the monk from the Tang Dynasty (Tang Sanzang) is a typical Buddhist monk who bans sexual desire to exist in his life. Tang Sanzang faced the temptation of beauties but he did not change his mind. Lhamaism aims to destroy this taboo and it prevails that it is necessary to do the opposite to indulge, and to overdo the things [Example 2]: Female is the carrier of human reproduction. Anyone who grew up from breast-feeding is all grown up under the condition of maternal affection, so the normal person has more or less natural grateful consciousness to the mother. Virtually the vast majority of mammals have natural attachment and gratitude for their mothers. But Lhamaism takes the opposite view on mother and woman. A Lhamaism thinks that women are the source of this illusory world and the symbol of evil. It is in the creeds of the sermon that only the source of the evil of the woman is controlled. [Example 3]: Wine and meat are taboos for former Buddhist monks. Lhamaism encourages people to destroy this taboo to drink and eat wine and meat just like the Liangshan heroes.[Example 4]: People and many mammals don't eat the same kind of meat, but the Lhamaism does the opposite. They eat human flesh and call human flesh the best meat. Usually these people's flesh comes from dead bodies or from those who "die because of their own sources, like those who are killed on the battlefield because of the cause and effects.  Human flesh can be made into a "human body pill" for use. Some Lhama scriptures are also detailed about the beauty of human flesh, such as brain, liver, lung, visceral, testis and so on. [Example 5]: People and mammals do not eat their dump-waste and drink the urine from themselves of the same kind, but the Lhamaism does it in the opposite direction. They eat human dump-waste and drink human urine. It also treats the urine of living Buddha as a cure for all diseases. In another word, the doctrine of "turning-over-transferring law" of Lhama is to destroy human civilization. From the psychological point of view, the doctrine of "turning-over" is the self-white of the psychopath. To be outspoken, Lhama is a group of psychopaths who have been completely brainwashed by the doctrine of evil cult in my mind. However, we should take a look at the psychopath's eyes on "the double cultivation of men and women".

The "male and female's double cultivation" is very "wide", contradictory and distorted. It cannot be explained by several thousands of words. I will only introduce the "double cultivation of men and women", which is the key point in the following parts. When you read the contents below, remember the "turnover Rules" of the Lhamaism I just introduced.

The "male and female's double cultivation" is very "wide", contradictory and distorted. It cannot be explained by several thousands of words. I will only introduce the "double cultivation of men and women", which is the key point in the following parts. When you read the contents below, remember the "turnover Rules" of the Lhamaism I just introduced.

There are three kinds of women who are required to play by men. A real woman is a physical woman. The real woman is also a certain nickname and at the same time, it has other names like: wisdom female, Ming Fei, Lotus female, living Buddha companion, and so on. Second is the Spiritual Girl. The spirit is shaped by the mind of practitioners. In common practice, the spirit of daughter is thought by practitioners, and the manner of practicing the spirit is the imagination on how to play with her. There are also some mysterious names of Spiritual Girl: the Dakini, the Mother Buddha, the Tara, Yidam PeldenLhamo, the Vajra Yoga mother, and so on. Every temple has the painting of empty mothers. Usually, the spiritual woman is a beautiful woman who is known in the real world, but they are never being able to be found in the real world. For example, some people think that Fan Bingbing is very beautiful, but they are not being able to chase her in the realistic society. So some Lhama will choose Fan Bingbing as the Spiritual Girl (Dakini) and wants to work with Fan Bingbing. If Fan Bingbing is engaged by the certain person, Fan Bingbing will become the real woman (wisdom woman) of a Lhama. Third, the Inner Lady is the female part of the practitioners. In common practice, to carry out the masturbation to calm themselves down by hands.

From the scripture of Lhamaism, it is found that the demand for "real woman" is somewhat particular. There are various versions of the scripture in India. For example: "choosing a beautiful, big-eyed, black skin girl." "Lhama Geduen Spiepel's version: Xikang's girl's flesh is soft; the Weizang girl's sex skill is good; Kashmir's girls laugh well, etc. Some Scripture requires girls to be trained by Kama Sujud skills. Young age is an important condition for choosing real women. Let's look at the classification of Saraha, the great warlock of Mizong: girl who is 8-year-old called Salari; 12-year-old called Salika; 16-year-old called Sushha, who has menstrual blood; 20 year-old called Bali ka; 25-year-old called Bhad rak apalini(meaning scorched fat)."

Lhama Geduen Choepel' warns that the young women's wisdom ceremony possibly brought the trauma and they taught some relief methods. Give her some candy and honey before ceremony is held for the 12-year-old "wisdom woman". The great Dharma of the Secret Division was a king who saw a vagabond's daughter one day and bought her then. She was a "virgin without sin, virgin without any contamination of the world. It is a very precious and pretty valuable lotus." After the ceremony where the fate of "Lotus Girl" heading for is not recorded in the book without any track. The method introduced in the "KalachakraTantra": the announcement of alcoholic beverages makes "wisdom women" more conductive in the ceremony. In a popular way, they worried that "the wisdom woman" resists against the rape, so they numb the "wisdom woman" with alcohol and then raped. Now Lhama is changing with the glorious outfit when time goes by, they directly use narcotic drugs, Ecstasy, aphrodisiac, and so on. Some Scripture suggests that if the "wisdom woman" does not obey, it should be forced in violence. The "use of force" is actually the form of violence, such as assault her to subdue the "wisdom woman" to be rape passively.

The 8-year-old virgin rite is like this: choose an 8-year-old girl to prepare for the top ceremony and do not let her know what is going to happen. As the ceremony begins, put her naked body on the altar, accept the worship of believers, and finally raped her by a great master or a disciple. Both Hinduism and the Militant of the Tibetan Lhama have held 8-year-old virginity ceremony which was held in the temple of Zachaba. Because of the superstition of figures, the Buddha-believers of Tibet usually like the "wisdom women" between the ages of 12 and 16. Only choose 20 years’ old girls if they cant get the young girls whose age is between 12 and 16 after the all-out efforts are made finally.

The 8-year-old virgin rite is like this: choose an 8-year-old girl to prepare for the top ceremony and do not let her know what is going to happen. As the ceremony begins, put her naked body on the altar, accept the worship of believers, and finally raped her by a great master or a disciple. Both Hinduism and the Militant of the Tibetan Lhama have held 8-year-old virginity ceremony which was held in the temple of Zachaba. Because of the superstition of figures, the Buddha-believers of Tibet usually like the "wisdom women" between the ages of 12 and 16. Only choose 20 years’ old girls if they cant get the young girls whose age is between 12 and 16 after the all-out efforts are made finally.

The ages of wisdom Woman can also be combined with elements: 11-year-old representative of air; 12-year-old is representative of fire; 13-year-old is representative of water; 14-year-old is representative of soil; 15-year-old is representative of tone; 16-year-old is representative of touch; 17-year-old is representative of taste; 18-year-old is representative of form; 20-year-old is representative of smell.

And women whose age is over 20 can't return to the rite, because they're going to suck the power of the Thegreat Dharma. Of course these women who are at this age stage in Lhamaism also has a name, such as: 21~30 year-old called the darkest, most of the fertilizer, the greediest, the most arrogant, despotic, electric shock, growl, chains and strange eyes; 39~46-year-old dog named dog mouth, suction nozzle, the jackals Wolf claw, tiger mouth, strange bird face, owl face, vultures mouth, etc.

Where is the wisdom of Lhama double cultivation of men and women from?

According to the Lhama scripture, it is usual for the wisdom girl to be devoted to the teacher by the disciples. In fact, one of the most important tasks of the believers is to look for wisdom girl in Lhamaism. We can read in the Scripture: "Believers should devote their sisters, daughters, or wives to the teacher." The more precious the wisdom woman is, the more deserved she should be devoted.

As a matter of fact, some of the methods of the past dynasties in history have been savaging, violent and bloody! Especially Tsongkhapa set up Dge-lugs-paLhama, they are the most savaging, the most violent and the most bloody. Lhamas kill husbands and deprived wives, kill parents and insult daughters. To deal on the poor girl is already a civilization. These women who have entered Lhamaism are actually the sexual slaves of the top teacher-living Buddha and his disciples. This is similar to prostitution in the temple, and the modern Hindu temple, which has evolved from the Brahmanism. These temples are the religious places where the prostitution is made by manipulating the sexual slaves.

Before the New Year, every Tibetan calendar in Tibet is a recall festival for the New Year. It is famous for its sutra preaching. The Lhama will take the women who have robbed them back to the temple. They will have sex with them. Several riots in Lhasa's history, the monks went out of the temple to put on plain clothes, the women were robbed. In the street, brought them back to temple to rape and even couldn't find a corpse. The harlot of the recall festival and the riots in Lhasa are almost known door-to-door.

Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Dge-lugs-pa, directly uses all kinds of lies to lure and instigate his disciples into lust. Public instigator, if you cannot find the object of double cultivation, you can look for it in his family and relatives, even at the cost of the bad morals. Such sexual cultivation is the stupid and shameless incest! He also instigates disciples to look for corpses, animals and non-people object. It's actually a filthy sexual perversion." So in the history of the Lhamaism, it is a normal state. Small Lhama is usually a child under the age of 12, so this sodomy is a serious crime of sex. It also teaches disciples on how to have the sexual imagination and masturbation, as long as they can achieve the purpose of double cultivation. After all, it's ridiculous to have sexual intercourse with Lhamaism. It is extremely filthy! It is extremely abnormal.

The most "ceremonious" of Lhamaism of double cultivation with men and woman” is a ceremony of "top". The Secret School of Tsongkhaba-the founder who wrote in 14 chapter ofTantric Subsection: Top is a must ceremony. A monk who wants to transfer from the inside secret door to the highest secret method and finally transform into the great yoga mi must become top for a number of times. Secret Division thought the top is the most solemn and sacrosanct ceremony. Without topping, he cannot study secret law and read classics. Or they cant get accomplishment and head towards the hell after death without any choices.

The most "ceremonious" of Lhamaism of double cultivation with men and woman” is a ceremony of "top". The Secret School of Tsongkhaba-the founder who wrote in 14 chapter ofTantric Subsection: Top is a must ceremony. A monk who wants to transfer from the inside secret door to the highest secret method and finally transform into the great yoga mi must become top for a number of times. Secret Division thought the top is the most solemn and sacrosanct ceremony. Without topping, he cannot study secret law and read classics. Or they cant get accomplishment and head towards the hell after death without any choices.

The topping must be carried out by the master of Vajra. The ceremony was held in front of the mantua (a dojo with painted Buddhist temple), and “top monk was bathed and dressed up. The master hold bottle, sprinkled with water on the head of the sufferer, and filled with high land barley wine by man's skull. The highest level of the top ceremony is yoga mi. The process is that the disciples look for a 12-to-16-year-old virgin which leads to a screen enclosed by the secret rooms. The wisdom woman is dedicated to the teacher then he goes into the screen to stay with the "wisdom woman" and goes on to the "Big Yoga Tantra Act"(sexual intercourse). The disciples kneel at the sight of the curtain, cover their eyes by cloth. By the end of the meeting, the teacher took the "wise woman" in front of the curtain, then carried "Mani Treasure"(semen) to the disciples’ mouth by thumb and the third finger and recite adamantine mantra. Disciples will speak spell of "I have great happiness" and swallow "Mani Treasure"(semen). And "the wisdom woman from the beginning, without her clothes, takes the manna (virgin blood) in the lotus flower, and also places it in the mouth. This is called the secret topping. After topping up, the disciples remove the cover of the eyes. The teacher put the" wise daughter "in the hands of his disciples, then took their hands in his left hand, put vajry pestle in his right hand and put him on the top of his disciples. And lessoned: All Buddha witnessed, I taught you thisHe taught the Buddha for this reason." Then they raped by turns. Some "wisdom women" by "double cultivation" cannot walk, some "wisdom women" even die after the gang rape. The "wise woman" was driven out of the temple after the birth of the child, but all the wisdom women did not know who the child's father was. It's so evil, filthy, and shameless! In any civilized country, it's a very serious crime to rape a young woman by turns! And so far this serious crime has taken place in Tibet.

And look at the dirty things-so-called practitioners and his wise women eat filthy substance at the ceremony of the topping: dump-waste urine, saliva, the leftover that remains between the teeth of "wisdom women", vomit, water from washing the asshole and the disgusting substance that is contaminated by the body waste coming from the dead body of the human and animal. At the topping of Hevajra Tantra, the Nazarite drink the menstruation blood that is put into the skull, other food as smelly fish, dog dump-waste, the oil in the dead body, the dump-waste in the dead body, the menstruation cloth, and so on. It's psychopathic and filthy.

There's an important principle of metamorphosis: when you're eating these filthy things, you can't feel any nasty feeling, no matter what you eat, it should be delusional! It is an important ingredient of Tibetan medicine. The urine of the living Buddha is considered an omnipotent medicine which is sold as a pill and it is said to be an important economy in the Tibetan and exiled Tibetan society. The most precious medicine is made of the dump-waste and urine of the 14th Dalai Lhama. When he arrived in Beijing in 1954, his dump-waste and urine was collected in the gold basin and sent back to Lhasa. Until now, all the people who have been away from Tibet have been selling the Ganlu pill to believers. They exaggerate efficacy of the miraculous medicine that can even cure cancer and AIDS! From the psychological point of view, this is a serious abnormal behavior, even psychosis!

When I was writing here, a lot of "Kahlua Pill" pictures were searched in Baidu Images. The following two are randomly selected:


(Picture 2: Zhang Jia Living Buddha Kahlua Pill)

"Chang Hutukta Kahlua pill" is the "Kahlua pill" made from the urine of Chang Hutukta.


(Picture. 3: Drupka DharmarajaKahlua Pill)

"Drupka Dharmaraja Kahlua Pill" is the "Kahlua pill" made from the dump-waste and urine of Drupka Dharmaraja. The Kahlua pill made with the urine of the Dalai Lhama is the "Kahlua pill of the Dalai Lhama".

During the top ceremony in which the sexual intercourse is happening, there is an important technique. "closed" only maintain the process of sexual intercourse without the ejaculation. Why not ejaculate? Lhamaism somatology thinks that the fluid that flowing in the vein of big Lhama is not blood, but the semen. Then you know on how to master the skills of semen after deep thought. It is believed that semen is stored in a moon-shaped empty cavity below the skull. When the human sexual desire is too strong to contain, the semen trickles out of the cavity and passes through the five energy centers, which give people a strong maximal pleasure. In the final flow of semen to the tip of the penis, the practitioner must concentrate the whole idea on this point without draining semen. If the practitioner can control the non-ejaculation, then he got a great enlightenment. If he doesn't control him, he'll be in danger of going to hell! He'll have to swallow semen. But there's an exception to the Lhamaism, this must be obeyed by the disciples who practice it, but it is not necessary for the Dharma and living Buddha as a king of the master, because the king of the great Dharma is greatly enlightened! It must be mastered through long-term painful exercises. Indeed, Lhamaism yogis in the so-called "closed", originates in Chinese ancient sexual skill of stupid absurdity of prostatitis which is caused by "no-relief". In modern times, where modern science and technology are highly developed, the study of foolishness of human body can still survive with great popularity in Tibet, the so-called "the blood flowing in the living Buddha is not the blood, but the semen". "Semen is stored in a crescent cavity below the skull." Alas! What a fool! What kind of ignorance it is!

Lhamaism somatology also thought the semen is as important as semen of men and women have the so-called "essence". Puritan refers to menstrual blood or other vaginal secretions. The semen of men is called "white", and the semen of women is called "red". We know that menstrual blood is a symbol of impurity in the vast majority of civilizations. The menstrual blood of the witty girl is a treasure that cultivates the Buddha. Classified such as a virgin's menstrual blood, a humble woman's menstrual blood, a married woman's menstrual blood, a widow's menstrual blood, and so on. In ancient China, there were many taboos, one of which was that women couldn't have sexual intercourse in the period of menstruation and the contraventions could lead to women's illness and even infertility. This taboo also accords with the modern medicine concept. Modern medicine study shows that sexual life is very dangerous in menstrual period, while menstrual period facing woman, there are wounds in the endometrium and cervical orifice loosens, cervical mucus plug falls off, menstrual blood also lowers the acidity of vagina, reduces self-purification ability of vagina, and thus bacteria. The medium of good reproduction shows that the natural defense function of women's vagina is obviously interfered, and the ability of defending infection has gone down. The sexual life can cause serious infection. It is easy to cause endometritis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, etc. of infertility." It's clear that the best time to promote ceremony was held at the time of the menstrual period." What a fool! How ignorant it is! How ignorant it is! What a tremendous harm it is to the woman! From the old time untill now, including the compulsory initiation of Lhamaism and it is catastrophic devastation! Such fatuous initiation why not be abolished? No! No abolish is the significant crime against humanity! So the people who are against reform of Lhamaism are the foolish and perpetrated people! The Tibetan women who have read my articles and men with good conscience must join together to teach them to prevail against the Lhamaism with the overwhelmingly unprecedented unity. The Lhamaism of the conscience of all the human beings who have read my essays should stand out together with each other to declare the war to the Lhama with all the people in China. Do you still feel indifferent and silent? Why?

If that by killing the husband to seize the wife and by killing the father to deprive his daughter is the method to cultivate Buddha is the eternal truth, what is the real understanding about the Buddha of cultivation? It must be the devil! If the gang-rape on young woman can practice the Buddha, so what is the Buddha? It's as inferior as beast, because even the brutal beast in the animal world does not rape the female animal without matured body. If to eat dump-waste and to drink urine really can cultivate Buddha, then lunatic who eat dump-waste and drink urine can become Buddha!

In a word, the law of Lhamaism which uses the obscene theory as the paramount criteria to cultivate Buddha that is deeply rooted in the primitive religion is extremely fouled, ignorant and barbarous. Additionally Lhamaism unification of the politics and the religion demonstrates the disgusting and ugliest human nature to the darkest bottom without any sign of life.


Ⅲ.The evil cults of the Yuan Dynasty brought great disaster to Han people.

In the age of Genghis Khan, the Mongols followed the Lhamaism. Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty destroyed the Southern Song Dynasty and unified China and brought the Lhamaism to the hinterland in 1279. The emperors of the Yuan Dynasty accepted the Lhamaism Sect. The emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and his family must be taught as a section leader. Especially Kublai Khan is the first emperor to accept this. After Kublai's accession, in order to consolidate the reign of the Tubo, the fifth master Phagspa of Sakya section was taught as a national teacher. He was able to lead the world Buddhism. And issue Pearl imperial edict to worship. The Queen does the same, and gave a letter to all the people under the heaven to worship the Lhamaism Buddha.

To worship Lhamaism in The Yuan Dynasty was stronger and stronger than the first generation until the last emperor of The Yuan Dynasty, and the popularity was hyper. Especially he liked the Secret Law of the Sakya section, it is a two-body repair method. The emperor and his brother, the sons of Shun Emperor and some ministers in his administration together with a lot of concubines, the princesses, and the palace females had gang rape without considering relationships between seniors and youngsters. Some of the Monks are fascinated by the emperor and stayed together at home, and addictive to rape the beautiful princess and concubines. The concubines of Yuan Dynasty can't be satisfied by one emperor of Yuan Dynasty. The Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty especially liked to wear the ivory Buddha's crown on the 16-palace women, and all over the whole body was dressed as "Buddha-Bodhisattva"", dressed as" Buddha-Bodhisattva phase ". To begin this dance only in the inner court and the ministers who subjectively accepted the "Secret Ring" were allowed to participate in the enjoyment, and this rule was followed from the high-rankings to the local officials and " 16 magic dance "began to prevail in the folk later.

The even more abhorrent thing is that the Yuan Emperor ordered that every woman in the country must use the name of her book to register and at the age of marriage, she must be taken to the monk's mansion. Monks played with these girls by violence then asked them to go home and got married. Many women suffered, and cried to commit suicide with shame in the despair.

Because of the overindulgence of Lhamaism in The Yuan Dynasty, when the powerful and influential Executive Councilors sworn in. The cult monks and nuns became more powerful. Monks disregarded the law and discipline, robbed the girls, commit all manners of crimes.

In my opinion, the Yuan Dynasty used the Lhama to rule the Han people. The first of the main purpose was to restrain the Han people's thoughts and destroy the Chinese culture, attempt to rule the country in the long-term. The second is to satisfy ruler's degenerated life. On the contrary, the evil Lhamaism caused the majority of Han people's revulsion and exclusion, so the Yuan Dynasty became a short-lived dynasty.

The book /the leftover sunshine in the prosperous dynasty/ and in Chapter 7 of scripture 4 where the writer Tian described /the decayed and short-lived dynasty/


One of the most specific term of the tyranny of the Mongol Empire was the monks of the State, and the world called them Lhama, west monk and a fan monk. These so-called "living Buddha" of all sentient beings is one of the Chinese disasters.

Yang Lianzhen, the governor of Jiangnan Buddhism, was stationed in Hangzhou, the tombs of the emperors and ministers of the Southern Song Dynasty, all of which were excavated and buried. At least there are 500000 (about 2,500,000 people) farmers recorded as temples serf.

Lhamas is the figure who can receive as many attendants as clouds no matter where he goes. To live in the houses of Han people without permission. They deported the men, but to force the women to have sexual intercourse with them. The Yuan Wuzong Emperor was particularly passionate about the Lhama. He once went down to the throne: "Whoever beats the Lhama, cut off his hand. Anyone who curses the Lhama shall cut off his tongue." Encouraged and unbridled, they rarely buy things in the street, but they robbed the people in public rampantly.

There was a Peddler who was robbed on the street, and he went to Li Bi, the left-behind governor of Beijing City. Li was handling the case, and the Lhama took wooden sticks to interrogate him. He fell down and faced on the ground and sue against Yuan Wuzong, not only Yuan Wuzong exempted his crime of the Lhama but also pardoned him. Once again, the Lhama was competing with a Princess on the road to drag the princess off the vehicle, and beat her with fists and feet, but Yuan Wuzong ordered to pardon the Lhama.

The emperors of the Yuan Dynasty, or the Mongolians as a whole, they attach the special preference to the Lhamaism. Not only because they could borrow the Lhama to rule Tibet, or to rule the whole Chinese people. This was one of the important reasons. Another significant reason was that the advocated sexual openness could meet the needs of Mongolian aristocracy, and they do not have to be restricted by Confucianism. On this point, we can see the Buddha's affairs of the last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in which we can see that this emperor is the manipulator of the lust desire.

The Mongolians have always claimed to be a country of Buddhism, and it means to concentrate the faith on Buddhism, Genghis Khan and Kublai Kublai strongly advocated Buddhism. At the time of Yuan Dynasty, Lhamaism is popular.  Prime minister: Harmal of Yuan Dynasty and in order to please the Yuan Dynasty Emperor, he secretly brought in the Buddhist monk from the west. Yuan Shun was passionate to study this sexual skill from the Western Buddhism monk, the Mongolian language called "Yɑncheer Method", which means "Great joy" in Chinese.

Harmal's brother-in-law and also the Jixiɑn's Bachelor also won the favoritism of the Yuan emperor from the Yuan Dynasty. He was also recommended to the Buddhist monk from Yuan Dynasty Tselinqin. Only in the present world, what is the significance of the life? Should we accept the meditation of secret bliss. So Yuanshun emperor learnt from monks again. Its law is called "double cultivation".

The so-called "Yɑncheer law" and "secret law" are the products of the combination of ancient Chinese tradition and Indian Buddhism. Under the guidance of these Buddhism monks, Yuan Shun emperor practiced the secret law every day in the palace with the palace ladies and the women aged 15 and above 20 among the people. There are many ways to cultivate the monks from the Yuan Dynasty and the West, including the dragon, the tiger, the ape, the tortoise, the cicado, the phoenix, the rabbit, the fish and the dragon. These (fake) Buddhism disciples and the emperors of the Yuan use coital skills rather than the doctrine of "making the Buddha". It also caters to the need of the good herba of the Yuan Emperor and Mongolian aristocracy.

The emperor of the Yuan Dynasty also chose the female for a 16-day magic dance, and the monk was a Situ, and the western monk was a big national teacher. The folk girl is raped by the monks of the monks. Barang was the younger brother of the Yuan Shun emperor. He was blasphemed in front of the Yuan shun emperor without hiding. He also gathered naked young men and women in a room. No matter the same surname or not, no matter old or young. Let them become obscene. The monks described it as Everything goes well without Obstacles.

The monk superposition with the West Monk, and went into and came out of the Forbidden City, and slept in the palace, then raped the young and beautiful princesses and the concubines. Although there are women who flinched and embarrassed, these monks were still raping. The Emperor of the Yuan only knows that it is fast and never forbids it. Successive to the past dynasties, the monks have lured the world and defiled the imperial court, no more than the Yuan Dynasty. In that case of any bride in the empire, was first reported by name to the government, second by the day of marriage, no matter beautiful or not she was, the bride would be brought to the monk's residence, and forced to commit adultery, got her virgin blood, and then returned her to her husband's home.

All people say: “Not bald not adulterous, and not adulterous not bald. The more bald his head is, the more adulterous he is.”


This is a kind of society manipulated by a group of "senior disciples" of Lamaism.

Both of them were more violent than the upper classes of Tibet when they fought for the throne.

The crowned prince Zhenjin (which means real gold) was the normal son of Kublai Khan, and the throne was normal. But Kublai Khan was not denying the emperor power, but once when Kublai Khan was in bad health, and the ministers thought about his power and sent in a petition, Since the emperor is aged, your Majesty should abdicate in favor of the crowned prince.” When the crowned prince knew it, he was so nervous about it and he ordered to seal up the petition. However, Kublai Khan soon also knew it. He was very angry and hated the petitioned ministers so much and revenged them by death. The news was disseminated widely and the crowned prince was frightened then he was very sick and ended his young life with tragic death. In the royal family, the royal family was torn apart by the struggle for the distribution on power. The emperor's struggle is more anguish. During the 20-year period from Yingzong 1321 to the last emperor (1341), seven emperors were replaced, the average existing time for the government is less than three years. The emperors couldn't manage the state. The rulers of the Yuan Dynasty doubly enslaved the peasants. This is the historical farce of a group directed by "senior disciple"


IV. Confession of Kalou Rinpoche, II sodomied by other lamas

The reincarnation of "Living Buddha" is a characteristic of Lhamaism, distinctive all over the world.

The Kalou II is active in Europe and America, is a classic example. He was approved by the 14th Dalai Lhama and the Gyalwa Lhama as the reincarnation of the first Kalou Rinpoche. Because of the good education background, he was talented on applying English to do "Evidence Act" in places like France and Spain. But as the reincarnation of the first generation, he suddenly took off his lama suit in 2011, then dressed up in a fashion casual outfit, and made a 10-minute-video "kalou rinpoche's confession" When he was a minor, he was sexually assaulted during his school time in a temple. He became a "problem teenager" who was addictive on drinking and taking drugs. He described in the video:


About 12 or 13 years’ old, I was sexually assaulted by other Lhama.

My teacher wanted to kill me. This is the reality that will never be changed as it faces the test on truth.

They tried to kill me because I refused to obey them.

He attempted to use knife and other weapons to kill me, and the extremely scary moment was written into my life permanently.

When I was 18, I had a lot of problems in my life. One manager tried to kill me and took away everything that is related to money, power, manipulating the distribution on the power. Because if you can control the faucet, you can get everything you want. That's what it is. Then I became addictive on drug... I became an alcoholic monster.



On 21st of July in 2017, I logged on YouTube and found that the video had been watched by 177298 people.

I've said about it previously. Tsongkhaba-the founder of the Gelao religion, To instigate the big Lhama to sodomize the small Lham is the very common phenomenon. In the history of Gelao religion, such sodomy is a very normal situation. It is carried on from generation to generation. It seems that Karu Rinpoche, the second generation did not understand the teachings of Tongkaba's uncle, or did not believe in the teachings of Tsongkhaba, so it was so sad to see that he became a problem teenager.

The II Kalou Rinpoche is very noble, but in the eyes of the old man, he is only a sodomized boy! It can be seen how hypocritical it is! How shameless we are! What a metamorphosis!

The murder of the Karou Rinpoche II demonstrates how bloody and violent of the sermon system, and can see the inside hypocrisy of the sermon's faith! The history of power struggle is bloody and brutal!

"Reincarnation" is confirmed by the means of the so-called will, the prophecy, the sign, the oracle, the divination, the ghosts obsessed, watching shadow in the lake, and the grasping. Since Tibet is the system which is combined with politics and religion, the confirmation of "reincarnation" is actually a struggle for power. The power struggle must be bloody and atrocious! I counted the life of the1- 13 Dalai Lhama, whose life expectancy was 38. The average life expectancy of 9-12Dalai Lhama is only 17. 13-25 dalai Lhamas average life expectancy is 47.89 years. The nineth dailai Lhama was named in Long Ducaro (1805~1815), died suddenly at the Potala Palace on January 16th of 1815, lived only for 11 years; the tenth was named in Chu Chichen (1816~1837) was 21-year-old and died on September 1st of 1837, and without taking over the rein yet. Eleventh was named in Kaizhujiacuo the Potala. He died suddenly in Potala Palace on December 15th of 1855(1838~1855). It was only 17 years’ old, and when the rein was less than one year, Twelfth was named in Mingchengliejiacuo (1856-1875) and he died at the age of 19, and in March of 1875, the sudden death struck Potala Palace, which was reined less than two years. The old Lhama who was empowered didnt overestimate "reincarnation" at all. They're fighting for power, and they're free to kill "reincarnation," and in the eyes of the top Lhama, "reincarnation" is like a pig to be killed by the arbitrary which is full of hypocrisy, secretive, conspiracy, deceit, foolishness, mean, brazen, bloody and violent.

According to the short life of the Dalai Lhama, the coitus of Gelao religion is actually excessive indulgence. Excessive indulgence will hurt the body, and the people who follow this ridiculous theory must die early!


V. Li Hongzhi's admiration and explanation for the "double cultivation of men and women"

In December of 1994, the "Turn-on Wheel", published by the China Radio and Television Press, represented the essence of Li Hongzhi's fallacious theory, which he said in 167~169.


There is such a method of cultivation in the field of cultivation, which is called double cultivation of men and women. It is possible to see a male body holding a female body in the carved Buddha's image or portrait. While the male body has a form of Buddha, he is holding a naked woman, but also has the body of changing Buddha and becomes the ox-head and the diamond status by holding a naked woman. Why? Let's start by explaining the problem. Our planet not only China is affected by the Confucian, and we as a whole have little morals in the last century. So this way of cultivation does not come from our planet, it is from another planet, but the method is capable of cultivating. When this method was introduced into China, it was not accepted by Chinese people because it had both men's and women's double cultivation and some secrets, so it was cancelled by the emperor in the Tang Dynasty. It was not allowed to spread in the Han Dynasty. It was called Tang Mi. But it was passed down in Tibet's special circumstance and special areas. Why is there such cultivation? The purpose of double cultivation of men and women is to gather yin and nourish yang and to adopt yang to replenish yin then complement each other, and achieve a balanced between yin and yang.

We all know that no matter the Buddhism family, the Taoism religion, especially the Taoisms interpretation Yin and Yang doctrine, the human body has its own Yin and Yang. Because the yin-yang coexists in the human body, the human body can cultivate various functions, the original infant, the baby, the law body and other living forms. Whether it's a male or a female, it makes sense to be able to produce in Dantian with the same effects. In these years, there are many qigong masters who have been able to communicate with men and women. Where is strange place? The Taoism priest also has a method of cultivating male and female students, and it is not to appear at present. It has started in Tang Dynasty. The Taoism taichi theory is that human body is a small universe in which it has its own yin and yang.


Li Hongzhi has two outstanding characteristics: one is to become ignorant and shameless; the second is to make irresponsible remarks. His two prominent features are well represented in this passage. He didn't know the double-cultivation of the Laima, so he was ignorant and shameless. In order to express his envy of the double cultivation of men and women, he said in a very irresponsible manner that the double cultivation of men and women "is another theory translated onto the earth from the outer space. In fact, the irresponsibility of Li Hongzhi's is showed off on the envy of the "double cultivation of men and women" by the Lhama, which is abetting and disguising the Falun Gong practitioners to play with both men and women. On October 1st of 2001, "Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi" After the publication on my website, I received many letters from the practitioners of the Falun Gong. Many of the anonymous female Falun Gong practitioners revealed to me that Falun Gong cadres at all levels were deceived under the banner of men and women. At that time, I would like to write an article to expose the evils of Falun Gong men and women, because the believers in this respect are anonymous and lack persuasive. They fear that Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong cult will slander me for Yɑo and fabricated rumors. For more than a decade," Falun Gong", which has a long debate with me, Li Guodong has already said good-bye to the world. Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong cult has never dared to offend me. In order to expose the negative influence of the double cultivation of men and women, I published a typical example for the world: One day in the middle of the March of 2006, a female Falun Gong practitioner sent a letter to reveal that she was at the same time with eight female trainees. She was also repaired by ShuangXiu. She was married for more than two months. She was discovered by her husband, her husband chopped the director with a sickle. The director was severely injured and his husband was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment. In the area of double cultivation of men and women, Li Hongzhi is very awful. Falun Gong is very terrible, but it is a curse to Lhamaism.


[This closure]

Looking back at Lhamaism history of Double Cultivation of Men and Women, it is a history of dirty, fouled, ridiculous, and stupid in which the perpetrated crime is exposed under the truth of the science. 

The revelation about the "Double Cultivation of Men and Women" in the Lhamaism is a peep in fact. I call on a monograph to make a more systematic and more comprehensive revelation of double cultivation of men and women with a series of papers.


Part Two

The Lhamaism’s shameless scam of "double cultivation of men and women"

——Two brave women who complained about the Lhamaism “double cultivation of men and women” with real names


After “Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi”(formerly known as “Analysis of Li Hongzhi's Deceptive Lies”) was published on my website on October 1st of 2001, and I have received many letters right after this, one of anonymous letters came from some women who were deceived by living Buddha. Those living Buddha deceived the women’s wealth and violated the women’s body under the banner of double cultivation of men and women. I have received the relevant letters from more than seventy women in the past ten years. My friend's sister, Yi Ke (also my friend in academic field) and her good friend Zeng Yun (with real names) have decided to reveal the Lhamaism’s shameless scam of double cultivation of men and women with their experiences of being deceived. I admire their significant courage and very happy to see their swift transformation from the failed life. In fact, the two cases are not occasional. They represent the women who were deceived by the Lhamaism’s liars under the banner of double cultivation of men and women and complaints to the world. I believe it has great significance to all the people, the Party and the leaders of relevant state departments. It has great practical significance and profound historical significance to promote the reform of Lhamaism as well. The two articles are reproduced as follows:

Article written by Yi Ke:


The passion of Yi Ke

Yi Ke


On December 12th of 2005, I was tonsured by living Buddha-Qingzhou Tashi Weifang City, Shandong Province and became a nun of Tibetan Buddhism. After a few days, Qingzhou Tashi- living Buddha who tonsured for me, his interpreter Gongcai and I arrived in Shenzhen and lived at the home of a Buddhist-Qin Guangzhong who I have contacted in advance. Unexpectedly, Qingzhou Tashi didn’t feel well because of the “side effects from the low land” after we have just arrived in Shenzhen. Gongcai and he returned to the Tibetan area in a few days and then “retreated”. I was left alone in Shenzhen with confusion.

I couldn’t control myself to think of the following ridiculous experiences at present. There is a kind of eternal raging anger that has erupted in my heart!

At the end of December of 2005, there was a great deal of Buddhism mass in Hongfa Temple of Shenzhen. I didn't know how to arrange my life and practice Buddhism in the following days. I came to worship the Buddha in Hongfa Temple with confusion. Because we all wore the same ragged robe of monk, I acquainted with Lhama Shera Sangdeng from Langyi Temple in Aba prefecture, Sichuan province, who just came back from India. Then I met a young Lhama Losang Zhiba who came from Nianmao Temple in Dari county, Guoluo prefecture, Qinghai province. He introduced that his uncle was the incarnated Lhama of Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo and now he was in Hongfa Temple of Shenzhen. We exchanged the phone number with each other. I maintained the friendship of certain distance with Shera Sangdeng in the later years. When we mentioned about the first time of our meeting once again a while ago, he told me that he had been trying to remind me that Losang Zhiba had lied to him when we first met. When Losang Zhiba knew Shera Sangdeng was from Langyi Temple in Aba prefecture, Sichuan province. He said that he was also a monk in Aba prefecture who came from the famous Kirti Monastery. Later on, Shera Sangdeng confirmed that Losang Zhiba came from Nianmao Temple in Dayri county, Guoluo prefecture, Qinghai Province because of my information. He realized that Lobsang Zhiba had lied when we met for the first time. But it seems that Shera Sangdeng’s reminder is obviously too late for me.


(Picture 4: The Lhamaism’s liar of "Double Cultivation of Men and Women", "Living Buddha" Lobsang Zhiba)

The next day after I met Lobsang Zhiba, he called me and invited me to the place where they lived. He introduced his uncle to me, who was the reincarnation XIII incarnated Lhama of Songtsen Gampo, Marni Lhama, Banma Dele.

Marni Lhama, Losang Zhiba, some other monks lived in the house of the high building in Shenzhen. I felt some similarities of first impression of Marni Lhama but some disgusting emotions that couldnt be expressed struck my body. But I was sure that I haven’t met him before. He was a strong and tall man and spoke with the magnetic voice as tremendous as giant bell. He asked me about something that is related to tonsure. Then he said that he had never heard of "Qingzhou Tashi Rinpoche" and drew the conclusion that he was not famous. I explained to the “master” purityis not "famous". He listened to my opinions and agreed with me.

After New Year of 2006, I returned to my hometown in Weifang of Shandong Province from Shenzhen and prepared for the Spring Festival. Because one female Buddhist said that I was tonsured a few months ago, I had better not to stay at home. Then I was arranged to live at the home with female Buddhist. Before long, Marni Lhama called me and said that he would send living Buddha, Lobsang Zhiba to Weifang to teach me Tibetan language and Buddha dharma before long. He asked me whether I welcome the arrival of Lobsang Zhiba. I felt very excited because I haven’t heard of living Buddha, Qingzhou Tashi who tonsured for me since he returned to the Tibetan area and retreated. According to Buddha system, the person who pursues religious practice has just been tonsured was not supposed to leave master's leadership. Therefore, I asked for advice of the female Buddhist who received me and waited for Losang Zhiba’s arrival in Weifang.

The arrival of Losang Zhiba changed my life. I spent more time on doing my homework to improve my spirituality, but I spent a lot of time taking care of his daily life and teaching him Chinese. These things continued to maintain my respect and support on all living Buddha. I would even spend half an hour buying a toothbrush for him. I would like to choose the best toothbrush from every aspect after the comprehensive comparison. I was also responsible for the other daily basis. He taught me to read and recite Tibetan language. His Chinese is not good and we didn’t have the interpreter. What he could do is to recite the Buddhism scriptures and regulations like the performance I did in a song. During this period, we met a man named in Yuan Haitao. Losang Bazhi carried out the Lamaism conversion ceremony for Yuan Haitao.

I was not sure if it is appropriate for me to say that I have built up the relationship of life partner with Losang Bazhi. 

One day in March of 2006, Losang Bazhi and I waited for a female Buddhist-Liu Yufang took us to take pictures. When I helped him to pack up things, a message appeared on his cell phone immediately: "You are my lover, so you are my baby…." I lost my faith on love after I saw this merciless reality but I still took pictures with depressed mood. Maybe someone else didnt notice tiny changes on me, but I could see the confusion in my reluctant smile.

At that time, I didn't fall in love with Losang Bazhi. I didn't think his relationship with the girl is none of my business. But my faith was more important than the love.

In 2003, when I received the living Buddha-Kala Choekyi who came from Hualong county, Qinghai province when I lived in Shenzhen, a young Buddhist nun came to my home and saw the picture of living Buddha Kala Choekyi. She suddenly said that: “Taking off the photo immediately.”

I asked her "Why?"

She said "Don't you know it yet? Did he invite you to live at his house?"

"Yes! He said that I could live here as long as I like, even though live here for a lifetime. What's the matter?" I replied and felt strange about her words.

"Don't you know it yet? You're his Dakini? You're just like a lover! He takes you to study Buddha dharma and you could reach the similar height as him quickly without practicing Buddhism. But it's going to be carried on secretly."

"Is that so?" I was very surprised!

I didn't know what Dakini means, or even didn’t know the consistent of my Chinese name. At that time, I felt kind of embarrassed about her words. Because the little living Buddha was only 24 years old. Although I addressed him as the master from my opinion, he was just a little brother to me. I had never thought about his existence from the perspective of lover. The Buddhism nun’s words reminded me of another feeling about the relationship with him. More surprisingly, a few days later, I discovered his handwriting in a book that he left for me unexpectedly: Kala Drolma (the Buddhist name he gave for me)——Dakini.

Later on, I asked the teacher in a Buddhism college and what’s the meaning of “Dakini”. However, I felt that he did not seem to give me a thorough answer. My question hasnt received the right interpretation.

I didn’t know what kind of relationship between two women: called-Losang Zhiba lover with Losang Zhiba. But undoubtedly, love relationship between them is the important bond to connect them together. It reminded me of the question of Dakini again. I didn't ask Losang Zhiba about this question. Since it possibly involve in a kind of love relationship between a living Buddha and a woman, or even a kind of sexual relationship. If I ask him about this question, I would feel a little embarrassed.

But the question is that a few days later, one female Buddhist arranged us to live in another place-the second floor is the business shop. All the people would return home from work in the evening, only he and I lived in two adjacent rooms. He knocked at the door and said that he would stay in my room for a while. He taught me a kind of scripture that I had never read before in the past few days. The Chinese meaning of the scripture is about Macho Labdron “Dakini” When I learned more about Lhamaism many years later, I realized that it wasn't the kind of scripture that should not be able to teach the ordinary disciples. I combined the notorious “salvation tactics”, one kind of nectar pill that was given to me made me understand some underground operations that might not been understand by myself. For example, he took advantage of some sadhana practices of Tibetan sorcery and applied to people’s will through hair, clothes and fingernails, even let people eat or drink some food with psychyartric or narcotic components. As a result, I felt that my body was empty and lost in the air, then my mind had gone blank quickly and finally I completely lost my consciousness. What I could remember now is that he only spoke to me at the end of that night: "I'm a living Buddha. I won’t receive karma. We could be together now."

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I found that his body and mine had contacted with each other beyond the "zero distance". Now I fully understand that I suffered from "sexual assault" of both the spirit and the flesh. But so many years have gone, and the spiritual control and brainwash of Lhamaism enslaved me to live in confusion and conflict for a long time. On the one hand, I thought that the psychedelic and unconscious reactions which were actually caused by drugs and sorcery were a kind of “sadhana practice reaction” called “visesana”. Therefore, I felt that it was a very holy experience and the significant aspiration to worship him is still haunted. On the other hand, the intuition made me face the endless anguish suffering. I constantly doubted this conclusion that has been deeply rooted into my life.

After breakfast, Yuan Haitao took a copy with strange characters to ask Losang Zhiba: "Master, what is this symbol?"

"Oh! This is called ‘Dakini character’." Losang Zhiba said that it was the symbol of “Dakini” appearance.


Later on, Losang Zhiba told me personally. The next day we were together, someone sent this character to me. It meant that I was "Dakini", who was the companion of living Buddha's double cultivation, also known as his companion. He said that it was his first time to have sexual relationship, but we had better not get married! I didn't reply him. I didn't know what kind of relationship it means exactly.

I didn't know the concept of “Dakini” in Lhamaism exactly at that time. Even if they thought I was “Dakini”. Why was I the “Dakini”? What kind of characteristic indicated that I was “Dakini”?

Look back now, and I was often manipulated by emotional matter to follow the wrong direction as a fool. When I recall a lot of experiences, neither I have asked the right question nor figured out the correct perspective. The only thing I have done is to fall in love with somebody.

In early April of 2006, Marni Lhama arranged Losang Zhiba to take me to their temple and Wuming Buddhism College. We started a pilgrimage journey to Tibet just after my birthday on April 5th.

The first station is Zhengzhou which is Zhang Ling’s (Miaojue Master) vihara as known as her private house to practice Buddhism. That is the first reunion of my confidante and we made the decision to become nuns. I also met a female Buddhist named Zeng Jinyan. After a few days, I said goodbye to Zhang Ling, then Zeng Jinyan and I went to Wutai Mountain with Losang Zhiba. Then we arrived in Xining, Qinghai province as well as Dari County-Guoluo prefecture.

On the first night of arriving in Dari County, we lived at the home of Tibetan who was Losang Zhiba’s friend. The host was a black and strong Tibetan man. He also dressed in a red robe as a monk of Lhamaism. I could not read out his real age from the facial features. Losang Zhiba told me that he was also a living Buddha. He had got married so he could not live in the temple.

I did know very little about the Lhamaism because I didnt have a genuine understanding about it until now. When I heard the introduction of Losang Zhiba, I was very surprised. I just could not combine those words together to see the insights of this religion: living Buddha, marriage, wearing monk robe, not living in temple and so on. Since I have drawn for so many years, I think I have enough inclusiveness to accept the diversified perspectives on the kaleidoscopic world. When I faced the things happened up next. I didn’t know how to understand and accept the ridiculous matter.

Losang Zhiba started to make phone calls with Tibetan language which I could not understand. It reminded me of the people who called him "lover" and "baby" as well as a "cousin" of his who had a phone call with in Tibetan language every day over the last few months.

Because of the low air pressure in highland, the rice cooked by the host was raw. After I had the simple food with the plain taste, Losang Zhiba said that he would go out to meet his relative and returned back later. But actually he didn't come back at the whole night until the next day.

I was very certain that he should have another lover in the Tibetan area. He thought I was completely innocent about the inside story because I had never asked him about it due to Tibetan language that disconnects our communication. What could I ask him? What kind of relationship between us? Is it a kind of Buddhism practice? I haven’t heard him tell me about the related tricks of practicing Buddhism. The days we stayed together had no big difference except the sexual relationship. I supposed everything was a form of practicing Buddhism that I still was puzzled about it without the enlightened perspective. Even if I try to understand it in the bright take and I could not resist the deep confusion, injury and the compulsive anger in my heart! At least, I was sure that he was hiding the fact that he had another lover in the Tibetan areas. I didn’t want to be deceived! I had the right to know the things and had the autonomous right to decide my life and fate! I wanted to abandon this relationship!

At the same time, I felt that the feelings in Buddhist practice would be called “love obsession” That is what a Buddhism practitioner needs to surpass! When I regarded what I was experiencing now as a practice in Buddhism, I thought the pain was because of mylove obsessiveness”. It's too heavy and we must remove! I also thought that my jealous feeling can't be called love. It had nothing to do with true love. Then I started to confess my sin.

The conflict between the two cognitions made me face the mental torture. Life is too short to enjoy the happiness, and it is fraught with catastrophe. I didn’t know where the power came from because I also felt that something was constantly encouraging me—— I was supposed to step out of the spiritual swamp as soon as possible. I believe that I can make it come true and win back the victory.

"Every time I can keep the victory in my faith and know how to fly higher with firm confidence, and I never cry as the injury hurts my life. I know I have the invisible wings. It will help me fly over the despair and fly to the hope. "

When we finally arrived in the Nianmao Temple one day at the very beginning of May, the temple was holding a Puja to welcome the twelve-year-old life-sized replica statue of Sakyamuni from Jokhang Temple which was made by Xian Buddhist. The Buddha statue in Jokhang Temple was one of the Buddha statues that Princess Wencheng brought to Tibet in those years. I feel confused until now. I'm not sure what had happened at that time was a coincidence or a special meaning to some extent. Zeng Jinyan Buddhist who I acquainted in Zhang Ling’s home came to Nianmao Temple to see us after attending a Puja with the theme of “Following Hsuan Tsang’s Journey to the West” that held in Haibei county, Xining city.

What confused me more was that though Losang Zhiba also sometimes joked with me and said that maybe I was the reincarnation of Princess of Wencheng, and of course he was the reincarnation of the Tibetan general Gar Tongtsen who took the princess to the Tibetan area. But I never thought that when I arrived in the temple, he said that he could arrange an enthronement ceremony for me in the temple. That is the certification ceremony of living Buddha. I didn’t know what was going on for a while. It's possible that after entering to the Tibetan area, there were too many things that I cannot understand from the moment that I saw so many new phenomenon appear in my eyes simultaneously.

Was I a living Buddha? Or was I a reincarnation of Princess of Wencheng? I had no idea about it. How did he or they know that? From the perspective of "reincarnated practitioners", I might indeed have practiced Buddhism in the past life if past life indeed exists. In addition, there were many living Buddha in every temple of the Tibetan area. From the living Buddha who I have contacted with, they knew how to control anger relatively, could make better use of intellectuality to solve problems in all situations, and some of them learned spells from childhood. Besides, there's no difference between us. So in this sense, it is possible that I am one of the "reincarnated practitioner" that has not learned all sorts of spells. Because I was born in the Han area, I learned things belatedly. It was in accordance with the features of "Princess Wencheng" who also came from Han area. Is that so? I didn’t know. I received the title of their certification. Just as the old saying: the more you look at it, the more you steal the axe. But I didn’t think this kind of certification was so meaningful to practice Buddhism. It was easier to promote the human’s arrogance, comparable vanity and result in unnecessary bonds and trouble of the world. All these would become obstacles to know the truth. Therefore, when I reunited with living Buddha Chicheng Gyaltsen and what he said left me a deep impression: "I feel very ashamed of being certified as a living Buddha. I am always feeling that it must be karmic wind that blows me into the seat of a living Buddha." I would like to say the same words now.

Losang Zhiba brought a Tibetan hymn for me and that was written by the temple then translated the main meaning to me. His Chinese is very limited and could just told me the hymn praised me that “the power of vows about past life”, "riding the lungta with five colors", “coming to the world” and so on.

Losang Zhiba brought Zeng Jinyan and me to the highest Buddha hall in the temple that was called “Gaoqiao Lacan”. He said that I was the first woman to enter into this Buddha hall while Zeng Jinyan was the first female Buddhist to enter into the Buddha hall. He added that it was the place where his uncle practiced Buddhism during his lifetime. It was a hereditary Buddha hall of their family. There were three people of reincarnation XII of Songtsen Gampo. They inherited three parts of reincarnation XIII respectively. Marni Lhama was one of them.  The one that died here was named Losang Dogan, Chokyi Gyaltsen. They were all his uncles.

According to the introduction, there were about a thousand monks in Nianmao Temple. Only about two hundred monks often lived in the temple. Except for Losang Zhiba, there was a housekeeper and another monk could speak a little Chinese. The rest could just speak Tibetan. I felt much lonely than staying abroad, because nobody could speak English here.

Losang Zhiba said that the enthronement ceremony could be arranged in the main sutra hall or small sutra hall in the temple, and could also be arranged in Buddha hall “Gaoqiao Lacan”. However, I would support the temple with hundreds of thousands of RMB if I want to use the main sutra hall. As for the small sutra hall, I should support a hundred thousand of RMB. I was a little confused about this expression. I have heard about that the support of hundreds of thousands of RMB could buy the certification of living Buddha in Tibet. I didn't expect that I would meet with the similar things. And then, he told me that, there was no need to support too much money if the enthronement ceremony being held in Buddha hall “Gaoqiao Lacan”. Because this Buddha hall belongs to his family, I had better help them to fix the wooden floor, change the banner and fix the house.

I would like to make some support or contribution to the temple or Buddha hall. But I felt like doing business at this moment! It made me feel that the enthronement ceremony wasn't like that and just a deal on business. Losang Zhiba said that the enthronement ceremony of other living Buddha were the same. All of them would make contribution to the temple, otherwise the enthronement ceremony would not be arranged. He further explained that it would cost the temple a lot of money to do a Puja of enthronement ceremony. I thought that's true, but would it be worth hundreds of thousands of RMB? Ah! I felt confused, really confused! However, except for Losang Zhiba, I could not communicate with other monks in Chinese. I could not get more information from other monks. Sometimes, when I say living Buddha “Luozhi”, some of them seemed to be somewhat surprised. Sometimes, they would laugh at each other and say that, “living Buddha Luozhi! Living Buddha Luozhi!" It seemed they were laughing at my words with smear.


I contributed a prepared hardcover long scroll copy of dozen-meter-long “Hell Disguised Map” for Nianmao Temple. This long scroll came from Taiwan which was given to me by my family as a gift before I became a nun.

Losang Zhiba went up and down the hill for a few days. Though I stayed with him, I didn’t know what he was doing. There were Tibetan people who spoke Tibetan language around me. The real thing that seriously influenced me was not the arrangement of enthronement ceremony, but the matter that he had another lover. I wanted to leave him and get away from this strange and barbarous area as soon as possible.

A few days before the enthronement ceremony, when I was on the way to handle some matters, I got a phone call from my long-lost tonsure Master-Qingzhou Tashi in the car. Since he left Shenzhen and returned back to Tibet in December of 2005 until May in 2006. It was the first time he called me during the half-year period of isolation. If I know he would arrange like that, I would tell him that I will wait for tonsure until his psychological state is strong enough to lead disciples, or I would never know how to continue my life! I gave him a brief introduction about my past experience. I also told him that Losang Zhiba would arrange an enthronement ceremony for me. To my surprise, he said that he could arrange an enthronement ceremony for me in his temple after he heard of my words immediately! I was not ready to receive such an amazing Tibet and Lhamaism! After that, he wanted to talk to Losang Zhiba. I gave the phone to him and then they began to speak in Tibetan which I couldn't understand. But I could feel the violent mood between them from the tone. Lobsang Zhiba rang off the phone and told me that living Buddha Qingzhou Tashi questioned him why he took away his disciple! Losang Zhiba added that he was not afraid of it and fighting was chosen if it can help us solve the problem with the violence. Then Losang Zhiba called Marni Lhama. Marni Lhama told me that, it was not acceptable. Buddha's disciples didn’t belong to anyone. They were the disciples of Triratna. His words made me feel a little better.

I was surprised at the occasion. It seemed a bit ridiculous to talk about the enthronement ceremony with this occasion and plot. But the enthronement ceremony of mine was held as scheduled on June 2nd.

The arrangement on that day seemed to be very simple. Few people came to the ceremony. But it took me nearly a whole day to support, recite scriptures, have water purification, worship, put on and take off robe, walk around, take pictures, light the lamp and burn the incense. It was a busy day. After that, I've been weeping for a long time on the bed which was allegedly was used by the reincarnation XII incarnated Lhama of Songtsen Gampo without reason. No one knew the reason. I didn’t know the real reason either. My sorrow was inexplicable. Perhaps it is because of my love. Perhaps it is because of the holy faith in my heart. Losang Zhiba informed me that I had been certified as the incarnated Lhama of "Princess Wencheng"….

I didn’t remember the time when another female Buddhist from Han nationality named Lang Yanming arrived at the temple. Perhaps before or after the enthronement ceremony and I could not remember. The young boy who was at the age of 20 had reached the consensus with female Buddhist Yuan Haitao who sent the “Dakini character” to Lobsang Zhiba and I during the conversation was held between us. They said that: “The reason to follow the Master is her beauty!” They talked to me without hesitation. It made me feel helpless and depressed. It aggravated the sorrow in my heart. I suddenly didn’t know where to head for on the wild, strange and vast plateau.

In the spring of 2007, Marni Lhama Banma Dele, who was called "the reincarnation XIII incarnated Lhama of Songtsen Gampo” would come to my hometown-Weifang to disseminate the dharma. I thought it was an incomparably joyful thing at that time. Though I suffered from Losang Zhiba, I thought I might have forgotten the pain when the wound was healed. Yuan Haitao was also very excited. When thinking of these things, I felt that our Han Chinese who wanted to study Tantrism in Tibetan Buddhism were really poor!

Marni Lhama came to Weifang as scheduled. Then we went to the temporary residence in Qingdao. At this time, he also put forward the matter of companion. He said that it was the biggest support. He added that he would send me to a large Tibetan yogi. I felt extremely unacceptable about their words and plans. I didn’t understand what it means as well. I didn’t plan to understand it seemingly. I never wanted to repeat the experience with Losang Zhiba. I would not like to be treated like a talisman which could be used and transferred by anyone! I am a person! I have flesh and bone! I have human’s dignity and emotion! I have human’s rights and freedom! I am independent! I could decide what I am willing to accept, what I am not willing to accept when facing them!

I felt unbearable in the emotion about what Marni Lhama had said. So I told Yuan Haitao about it. He claimed that he was driven out by his former wife at that time and moved to my residence in Weifang. At that time, I went to Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang and other places with living Buddha. Yuan Haitao accompanied us during this period. We actively established contact with some female Buddhist in other places, such as Lu Lizhu and Zhao Zhonghui who arranged the reception in Qingdao, Teng Zhenghong, who arranged the reception in Shenyang. Before the summer of 2006, Yuan Haitao once came to Qinghai to meet Losang Zhiba and I. He had seen some abnormal performance of Losang Bazhi with his own eyes. Therefore, he was aware of the tendency of those two living Buddha and wasn’t surprised about this aspect.

Yuan Haitao had contacted with some Taoism practioner before he started to practice Buddhism. He often talked about the concept of “borrowing feminine force to strengthen male health”, “having sexual relation with ten women on one day”. He was interested in the concept of "double cultivation of men and women" in Lhamaism. Actually, my experience was not miserable, but seems to be particularly attractive in his eyes! Like many other people who have been immersed in Lhamaism, “Dakini” is an attractive word that is related to practice on Buddhism. He wanted me to show all the details. Furthermore, he took the advantage of this time to please me to have the sexual intercourse and even made a proposal to me. Perhaps because I had just told him about my confusion and injury from the experiences with Losang Zhiba and Maini Lhama, he emphatically stressed that his love had no connection with religion and identity. Just a simple matter that man loves a woman!

The concept of “double cultivation” that Marni Lhama had told me was real obscure. I didn’t know whether it was because of the language barrier between us or something else. Although it didn’t sound like complicated, I really could not accept what I have listened clearly. I was not only asked to accept his "double cultivation", but was asked to continue to maintain a relationship with Losang Zhiba. I was even asked to accept being sent to a so-called large yogi for "double cultivation" by them. What the hell is this! I could accept love, sex and marriage with my lover because of love. Religion did have some power, but it was not enough to make me accept sex without love, and it is impossible to accept keeping enslaved sexual relation with several people. My breakdown is that I don't think it's influenced by traditional ideas, because I don't think tradition is always correct. But I know many people were not only full of curiosity about this kind of sadhana practice, but also full of aspiration about it. However, I think it's mainly because that people were easy to be driven by sexuality and seduction; it was easy to be seduced by this kind of sadhana practice.

I rejected designing a website of mine, building a temple or tower with Marni Lhama. I was not interested in being famous or doing some "achievement", and refused to do them with Marni Lhama without any consideration. This is just a boring and empty game-identify myself". It was a little better than to harm others and themselves. After that, lay Buddhist Teng Zhenghong from Shenyang called to tell that they donated some used clothing to Marni Lhama then sent to the poor families of the Tibetan area in Chengdu. However, Marni Lhama sold off these clothing and earned more than 6,000 RMB in Chengdu. Then he used the money to go to Singapore, and this brutal story made me more disappointed! Marni Lhama has never contacted with me since 2008.

For many years, in order not to prevent the majority of Buddhists from practicing Buddhism, I have not mentioned the intrinsic injuries and confusion caused by these experiences. At the same time, I constantly tried to find the meaning of these experiences from the perspective of practicing Buddhism. Though it was unable to make out a good case for them, I haven't completely abandoned until Losang Zhiba gave me the answer in the end.

During the autumn and winter in 2015, Yuan Haitao who knew the inside story of my experiences of being arranged for “double cultivation” and “enthronement ceremony” pleased me to love him and made a proposal to me, came from the same place as me, had accompanied me since 2006, because of the failure of proposal during the nine years. Yuan Haitao together with “living Buddha” Losang Zhiba who arranged “double cultivation” and “enthronement ceremony” for me made the fabricated fraud of accusation against me.

From the spring in 2007, Yuan Haitao started to make a proposal to me constantly after Marni Lhama left Weifang. But I refused his proposal politely. He lost his temper. Behavior was weird and his mind was splitted.  Some female lay Buddhists always complained to me that Yuan Haitao behaved frivolously with the blasphemy. Therefore, I wanted to abandon the possibility of getting married with him increasingly. He constantly tried to practice "double cultivation of men and women" and specifically told me that he objected group sex, because he knew my idea. But actually he implied that he could introduce younger companions for me! I was much amazed by his words. Therefore, I remained deeply skeptical about his proposal.

Yuan Haitao acquainted with his current wife in 2012. Meanwhile he remained an ambiguous connection and relationship with more female lay Buddhists. He claimed that "many women wave to him actively". As time went by, the relationship between Yuan Haitao and I became indifferent. In September of 2015, Yuan Haitao and I were invited to give a lecture in Wutong Mountain located in Shenzhen. We have clearly separated with each other, and arranged our new life respectively. But Yuan Haitao suddenly made a proposal to me with offensive means. I still refused him politely.

On September 16th of 2015, Yuan Haitao took the excuse to enter into my residence and suddenly stabbed my boyfriend who I have just dated with me by a knife. Yuan Haitao made a public proposal to me. He tried his best to spread rumors, slandered and threatened me but revenged me with the cost of death. From then on, we have never met again.

On October 27th of 2015, I received a WeChat message from Tan Wensheng, one of my relatives in Weifang. He found that the locker of the garage in my house was changed by someone in Weifang. The neighbor said that he saw Yuan Haitao come into my house and enlightened my room for the very short time in the evening. I received a WeChat message from Yuan Haitao at 21:20 last night. It seemed that he was staying at my residence at that moment. My relative Tan Wensheng called the police but they didn’t take over the case.

On November 30th of 2015, Yuan Haitao suddenly called the police and claimed that I deceived him in the name of false living Buddha. He totally concealed the former relationship between us. I can't believe that all these things were done by the man who told me that he had loved me for nine years.

When the police in Weifang conducted the investigation into “living Buddha” Losang Zhiba, he gave the fabricated evidence and said: "I have never arranged the enthronement ceremony for her in Nianmao Temple. She just went to travel. My family also has no relationship with Songtsen Gampo family!"

What's the meaning of "dropping down a stone on the man who has fallen into a well"? Losang Zhiba-a “living Buddha” said many sweet words to me, interpreted the meaning of the old idiom with his bloody behavior. I can't believe it was done by a "living Buddha"! It was done by a living Buddha who took me to "double cultivation"? It was something that even an ordinary person might have done!

In the spring of 2016, I was in love with Jens Enke who did business between China and Germany in Shenzhen. On May 25th, we got married in Denmark. He went to China again to deal with the business in the middle of June. I participated in the welcome events of President Xi’s visit to Poland on June 20th, and returned home from Warsaw-the capital city of Poland on June 29th.

As soon as the plane landed, I was forced into custody suddenly. On August 3rd, I was out on bail. When the time I just got out of the detention house, Yuan Haitao asked the intermediary-Gao Lijun to tell me that my residence had been sealed up and supervised by the police. He recommended that I should not return to my residence. I verified the matter with the police and confirmed that this was fake reality. The deceptive behavior of Yuan Haitao was so abnormal. He must have a guilty conscience!

On August 11th of 2016, and It is the first time for me to return home since I left in the middle in October of 2015, I found that not only the locker of garage was changed and the nearby area of the locker was left with the significant damage. The door couldnt be opened and I asked the company to help me unlock the door, and found that everything in the house was smashed! The lost seal and plenty of notes had become the materials for Yuan Haitao to fabricate the false evidence. He sent the fabricated the evidence to the police office and sued me.

In the middle of January in 2016, I found that my house in Wutong Mountain, Shenzhen City has been stolen either. On November 9th in 2016, I found that my house in Room 501 and Room 504, Building 18, Area G, , Longkou East Sea Resort which near the Xinghai Lake had been stolen.

I remembered that Yuan Haitao had told me that he stolen all the cash and valuable things in his former wife's house by burglary right after the divorce with his former wife. It seemed that he staged his cheated behavior again!

However, on June 2nd of 2017, the fraud case made by Yuan Haitao sued against me on using the false evidence and lies was conducted in people’s procuratorate in Kuiwen district, Weifang city, Shandong province with the number of “No.2017171

On June 21st of 2017, people's court in Kuiwen district held a hearing.

In the next one or two days, the small city had a rare rainstorm. The rain flooded the streets and lanes in the city. Many vehicles were flooded on the road. Many buses were stranded in the rain.

Is God crying?

I was the victim of the burglary case. Yuan Haitao is the burglary suspect who I could confirm with conclusive evidence and sufficient reason. He was a real criminal. He was a liar! He also ran a meditation class in Beijing! He was always prepared to achieve his dream of “having sexual relation with ten women on one day” through "double cultivation" over the years. I was used by Yuan Haitao to make false evidence against me through my lost goods that belong to me. I became a suspect of fraud case and became a defendant. I was likely to accept the sentence of the criminality made by this cheater to be punished by the law. What a ridiculous thing! My tears were full of grievance, confusion, anger and desperation that were flooded by the ocean.

I recognized the nature of “living Buddha” Losang Zhiba and the essence of “double cultivation of men and women” through his abnormal behavior. What I experienced was a shameless rogue who flaunted the banner of spreading Buddha dharma and implemented “double cultivation of men and women”. He was a religious liar who flaunted the banner of Songtsen Gampo! When the police in Weifang investigated him, he said that,"My family has nothing to do with Songtsen Gampofamily! ” But in those years, even in nowadays, “living Buddha” Losang Zhiba uses the identity of the nephew of “the reincarnation XIII incarnated Lhama of Songtsen Gampo” to “spread Buddha dharma” and “free captive people” in Zhengzhou and some other places leisurely.

Maybe it will be the wrong that the history has never known. Where is justice?

July 9, 2017


Article written by Zeng Yun:


The Psychological Course of being deceived by Lhamaism’s "Living Buddha" of Double Cultivation

Zeng Yun


I am from Kunming City in Yunnan province. I have run the business for more than 20 years. I have seen all kinds of people who are motivated by money to cheat the people. I have met all kinds of liars. I have always been able to deal with them. But I have never thought that I was once deceived by a Lhamaism’s “Master” under the glorious name to deprive wealth and flesh. After careful consideration, I decided to tell the experience of being deceived to the public to warn the people see the real ugly face of the cheater who loves you on the glorious name of Lhamaism

The Lhamaism’s liar who has deceived me has gained some reputation in the society. He was called Jiayang Khenpo (the honorary president of Cifu Public Welfare Foundation, Rinpoche of Larong Wuming Buddhist College). A lot of information about him could be searched on the Internet. He also has Sina Blog ( His self-introduction on his blog is as follows:


Khenpo Jiayang Rinpoche became a monk at the age of eight and received Gelong by Gabba Khenpo. He followed some eminent monks including Suolong Nianzha Rinpoche, Jiangcuo living Buddha, Dolo living Buddha. He received the pure heritage of some major sects including Nyingma Sect and Kagyu Sect.

In the youth period, Khenpo retreated in a cave for many years. After that, he went to Larong Wuming Buddhist College and followed Cinta Mani Daen Genben Master. He learned Buddhism Scriptures and received all the heritage and knack of Cinta Mani’s great pecfection. After that, he followed the arrangement of Dharma Raja and taught Sanskrit script. During the years, he finished five Buddhist sutras and cultivated a large number of disciples.

When he visited India in 1999, Gyalwa Karmapa and Tai Situ Rinpoche praised him that: “Jiayang is the great Khenpo that makes outstanding contributions to the development of Kagyu Section in the Tibetan area." They awarded him with Khenpo certification at the same time. In order to propagate Buddhist teachings at home and abroad, Gyalwa Karmapa and Tai Situ Rinpoche have written a recommendation letter by themselves to entrust Khenpo that he should teach with mercy and yukti.

Khenpo Rinpoche is the person with mercy, intellectuality, purity, humor and amiable. The people who have contacts with him are all impressed and affected by his personality and mental quality. Over the years, Khenpo traveled between Han area and Tibetan area. Through freeing captive people, expounding the texts of Buddhism, teaching Sadhana, establishing schools, printing Buddhist scriptures, Khenpo took some measures to benefit all living things, made numerous believers convert to Buddhism and practice the Buddha dhamma.


(Picture 5: The Lhamaism’s liar of "Double Cultivation of Men and Women", Jiayang Khenpo)

In June of 2013, I converted to Jiayang Khenpo and donated a house that worth 2 million RMB. This house was used for his “Yunnan Sanskrit Metta Meditation Center”. I purchased a Buddha tool that worth 150,000 RMB as well.

In the early days in March of 2014, I went to Tiantai Mountain in Chengdu with Jiayang Khenpo and a group of disciples. One evening, Jiayang Khenpo asked me to go to his room. I went into the room and bowed down to him. But he was muttering and mumbling the scriptures about double cultivation of men and women. I suddenly felt more and more confused and dizzy, and he bent down and took me to the bed. Then he had sexual relationship with me when I was still in the unconscious status. It seemed I was floating in the dream and couldnt wake up through my own will. I had no idea the time when I returned to my room. The next day when I got up, I felt dizzy and found my face was as pale as wax. It was so frightened! I had never seen such an ugly complexion. I attended the Puja with depression and then I left there. In the next three months, because of the puzzlement, I searched for some information about Lhamaism’s double cultivation on the Internet. I could not understand the related information completely. Sometimes I talked about practicing Buddhism with my close friend and tried to verify the truth or false of the Master's double cultivation. However, the creed of Lhamaism emphasized that we should conform to Master unconditionally. If we said bad words about Master, we would go to hell. I stopped my talk every time when I wanted to express my opinion because of this ridiculous rule. Just like that, I spent a few months in a bad mood. Eventually, I couldn't bear it any more one day. Then I spent three hours writing a WeChat message to Jiayang Khenpo with tears. I reviewed my frustrations in my career and emotion. Then I came across Buddha dharma and Master. I was deeply grateful to the soul nourishment brought by Buddha dharma and Master. At last, I begged Master of dhamma for talk and asked him whether the incident happened in that evening means releasing my soul from purgatory. I indicated that no matter what is going to happen, I would follow the Master to propagate Buddhist teachings. I just wanted to know the truth. The Master replied my WeChat message with no words except for a few WeChat facial expressions.

One day in late May of 2015, I received a text message from the Master Dhondup (the disciple of Jiayang Khenpo) which invited me to participate in the assembly of "Cifu Public Welfare Foundation" in Beijing. The campaign was arranged in a five-star hotel in Beijing. All the disciples from different areas gathered together and worshipped the Great Master Jiayang Khenpo who came back from North American of propagating Buddhism teachings. During the period, I was called into a room alone by a disciple. When I bowed down piously, his hand suddenly put on my shoulder and said: “Oh, you are so beautiful!" I raised my head with the surprised subconsciousness: his eyes which I formerly thought showing compassion to all living creatures was full of lechery at the present. Suddenly, a kind of chill struck me. I recovered myself! I realized that I was used by them! That the alleged statement that people should be close to Master if they want to receive Buddha dharma from Master was completely for cheating women’s flesh. The Holy Land "Everest" in my heart fell to the ground with a loud crash. My mental world became a wasteland at a moment.

After that, I didn’t contact with them! On June 2nd of 2017, my close friend Yi Ke told me that she was arranged to receive double cultivation and enthronement ceremony by "Living Buddha" Losang Zhiba who fabricated in an unjustified case. It shocked me even more! It made me further understand the alleged "double cultivation" of Lhamaism. After the deep investigations in many ways, I started to find out the truth of the night on Tiantai Mountain: I became a tool of his double cultivation. He was absorbing my vital essence! It was not surprised that I felt dizzy and found my face was as pale as wax the next morning. He used other people's life to cultivate himself to a great success. What is the difference between this and the evil practicing sorcery through absorbing the blood of people. Besides that, the Master who is disguised with “holy coat” resulted in the psychological and emotional torture and deceit of female disciples. They must be guilty of the most heinous sin that will never be forgiven by the world.

Yi Ke and I both have the ability of meditation and debate, so we choose to stay far away from Lhamaism at present. But for thousands of years, I the number of female believers who were totally deceived by them is uncountable. They used their fleshes to serve “the Buddha”. When they died of being absorbed by the Buddha, they still held the belief that it was the best way to support “living Buddha”. What kind of dharma did they practice? Was it necessary to sacrifice other people’s lives to practice dharma?

I'm a good friend of Yi Ke, so I'm familiar with the man of Yuan Haitao who framed her.

On 21st of June 2017, the court held hearings about the “absurd fraud case” of Yi Ke. I flied to Weifang, Shandong province from Kunming City, which was a thousand miles away. At that day, I was standing in the court bravely. When we faced the perpetrated man from whom we see the distorted psychology that hiding in the darkness. I was very brave to face him without fear. My statement impacted the conscience of everyone in attendance. I expressed the unfairness for my innocent friend-Yi Ke. At the same time, I strongly denounced the evil "double cultivation of men and women" of Lhamaism!

When we faced "Tibetan Faith which has fooled more and more believers from the Han due to the holy name that is glorified by the fake life story, we were not afraid to face him again after the torture that has left the permanent wounds in my soul. The government has never given a specific reply.

 Too many kindhearted and simple women were deceived by them for a long time. Because of the family and public opinion, they did not have the courage to reveal the deceit. I acquainted with the writer-Yao Youwei through Yi Ke, and I appreciate the courage of Mr. Yao to reveal the evil "double cultivation of men and women" of Lhamaism with the real names. I decided to cooperate with him proactively. In order to protect me, Mr. Yao advised me to use a pseudonym. If there was a storm, he could face it by himself! I refused his advice! Since an outsider was responsible for me as the victim, I had no reason to step back. What's more is that when I chose the Flower of Life Education Platform as my second entrepreneurship program and the moment that I made the decision to become a teacher as the ultimate goal of my life. Because I would like to use my life attitude to influence the young life! Using the soul to initiate the soul to pursue the bright life! I would like to live for the truth during my lifetime and live in truth! We were not afraid to reveal the truth with our real names!

As we all know that human is not divine! When a group of people are served as divine on the Buddha platform, the sin will occur inevitably! The notorious “double cultivation of men and women” is the most convenient incubator which is used by many satyrs with evil motivation to cheat women’s flesh shamelessly! The endless crime committed by them has accumulated the paramount volume that will never disappear in the time! Therefore, we appeal that we should prevent the evil "double cultivation of men and women" of Lhamaism from endangering the whole society. The state should take immediate measures to order Lhamaism. And the reform of Lhamaism must be abolished completely and eradicate the evil faith“double cultivation of men and women”.

July 11, 2017

The conclusion of this part】:

We hope that no matter it is present or in the future, the woman (especially the beautiful woman) who believes in Lhamaism should learn lessons and experiences from the cheating tragedy of Yi Ke and Zeng Yun. The two common reasons for them to be cheated are as follows: Firstly, lack the understanding about Lhamaism as well as “double cultivation of men and women” of Lhamaism then they chose to convert to Lhamaism. In fact, it is not the key point because it is the serious social problem which has been existing in the society for years needs to be solved anxiously. In the future, women are supposed to remember that the radical sinister motive that confuses you to convert to Lhamaism through every attempt is to practice “double cultivation” with you. Secondly, they do not understand the absurd reincarnation game Lhamaism’s "living Buddha" and worship “living Buddha” blindly. I found that there are a lot of sexual scandals about "living Buddha" on the Internet. We could be clear about them by putting the key words “sexual scandal about living Buddha” in Baidu and Google. Tibet is ignorant, poor and underdeveloped. There are too many living Buddha in Tibet. The two basic purpose by leaving Tibet is to “disseminating the dharma” of those living Buddha. As follow: depriving the wealth and corrupting the flesh. Therefore, we should regard the "living Buddha" as a shameless satyr and take the precautions at any time.

Combine the experiences of Yi Ke and Zeng Yun, I can recall the story that seventy women who have reported to me the experiences of being deceived by those "living Buddha" and it happened 10 years ago. I summarize the two tricks that are utilized by those "living Buddha" when they corrupt the women’s flesh. Firstly, they use ecstasy or aphrodisiac to numb you to lose the consciousness. Among the seventy women who reported to me are being deceived by "living Buddha" and 20 university graduates were raped by using ecstasy or aphrodisiac. According to Yi Ke's description, I concluded that the "nectar pill" which was given by "living Buddha" Losang Zhiba was not the urine or excrement of “living Buddha”, it was actually a kind of ecstasy. Therefore I warn the women to follow the three things they should never do. The first suggestion is that they must not stay with "living Buddha" alone, especially at night. The second suggestion is that don't eat "nectar Pill" or other food casually which are given by “living Buddha”. The third suggestion is that do not drink any liquid beverage such as tea water, coffee and alcohol casually which are given by “living Buddha”. The beautiful women must be careful! I've introduced that the "living Buddha" who can't be able to get "wisdom woman" would choose corpses, beasts and other non-human creatures. They would even choose the buggery. That is to say that the sex-oriented “living Buddha” is worse than beast. That means the unattractive women should also be utilized as the treasure as well. Secondly, they would use Lhamaism’s double cultivation of men and women to brainwash, imply and hypnotize you deeply. From the perspective of psychology, I have studied spells on advocating double cultivation of men and women in Taoism. I discovered that the spells about advocating double cultivation of men and women is actually a kind of deep brainwashing, deep indication and deep hypnosis. The spells about advocating double cultivation of men and women in Lhamaism was derived from spells about advocating double cultivation of men and women in Taoism in the early China. With the help of the spells about advocating double cultivation of men and women in Lhamaism, those satyrs make the woman who knows little about it fall into the state of deep brainwashing, deep indication and deep hypnosis then became the “wisdom woman” of being double cultivated with confusion. I learned from the Internet that the satyr trainer Huang Bo seduced more than 20 female college students with hypnosis. From the perspective of psychology, the satyr "living Buddha" and the satyr trainer Huang Bo made use of the same trick to deceive the women’s flesh. According to Zeng Yun's description, Jiayang Khenpo made use of the spells about double cultivation of men and women to hypnotized Zeng Yun deeply. As a result, I hope that the women who convert to Lhamaism are supposed to have a better understanding about the trick which the satyr of living Buddha used to deceive women’s flesh through my article.

I've been working in politics and law system of Weifang for more than a decade, so I know that the vast majority of people in Weifang's political and legal system are the good persons who are willing to voice for the justice. I firmly believe that the "absurd fraud case" about Yi Ke will be resolved in accordance with the law. I firmly believe that the burglar of Yuan Haitao will be severely punished by the law.


Part Three

Lhamaism must conform to the trend of world civilization! It must be reformed immediately!


Religion is a kind of cultural phenomenon that occurs when human society develops into a certain historical stage. It belongs to the special ideology of society. Before I wrote "Twenty Comments on Li Hongzhi", I had fully exchanged views with six religious scholars in China. Finally, we reached some consensus. We agreed that good religion should have at 6 prominent characteristics at least: First, educate people to do good deeds. Second, do not interfere in politics and do not use doctrine to confine the freedom of people’ thoughts. Third, the doctrine does not confront and defame modern scientific ideas, do not make use of doctrine to fool people, and do not make use of some certain modern scientific terminology to deceive people. Fourth, advocate healthy and civilized lifestyle in terms of diet and sexual life. Fifth, do not deprive the wealth and rape the flesh in the name of religion. Sixth, reform the doctrine in accordance with the civilization process of human society. Therefore, we agreed that Falun Gong and Lhamaism belong to heresy at that time.

Throughout the Chinese and foreign religious history, good religion would reform the doctrine in accordance with the civilization process of human society. It is significant to promote the moral standards of human. The religions that produced in China have undergone constant reforms and remove the evil “double cultivation of men and women” ultimately. Indian Esoteric Buddhism, which advocated "double cultivation of men and women” was destroyed during the era of Emperor Wuzong of Tang in China. The Renaissance in Europe promoted the reform of Christianity (Catholicism). After the reform, Christianity (Catholicism) promoted the process of European civilization (even the world civilization).

Lhamaism was produced in the ignorant and isolated Tibet over a thousand years ago, and it didn’t undergo the reform of civilization and became more and more evil. Lhamaism has brought a profound disaster to the Han people in history. Lhamaism has been thoroughly banished in Ming Dynasty. Since then, Lhamaism disappeared in mainland of China. Lhamaism attacks mainland China again, more and more people have lost wealth and flesh was contaminated by them in the past 10 years. The problem is becoming more and more serious. It becomes  hazardous to affect social stability. A common way to deceive wealth is manipulated by Lhamaism’s liars in mainland of China and sold the nectar pills. An Internet friend wrote a letter to me. When he took a trip to Tibet, he lived in a hotel which was ran by Tibetans. The conditions in this hotel were good. A couple from Beijing who lived in next door drew his attention. He found the complexion of the woman was very abnormal, then he asked the man whether it was because of altitude sickness. The man replied that she did have some altitude sickness, but mainly because of metaphase of gastric cancer. He was very surprised and asked the man from Beijing, why didn’t she receive surgical treatment immediately? Why did you take her to Tibet? The man from Beijing replied that he had been learning Lhamaism for more than 6 years and he was very confident about the magic effects of nectar pills. He had heard about that the nectar pills in Sera Monastery could cure all diseases. Then he decided to take wife to beg for nectar pills to cure gastric cancer from the living Buddha in Sera Monastery. He was very curious to follow the couple from Beijing to Sera Monastery. The Lhama who gave the reception to them said that the stomach was uncomfortable for a long time, and the living Buddha who they were looking for came to the military hospital in autonomous region recently. The doctor said that he had gastric cancer and suggested him have an operation in Beijing immediately. Then the living Buddha went to Beijing to see the doctor as soon as possible. After that, the man from Beijing stood here firmly. His face was very pale. The Lhamaism’s liars boasted to the people from mainland of China that the nectar pills which were made of the urine and excrement of living Buddha could cure all diseases. When the living Buddha was ill, they went to hospital immediately. I don't know how many patients’ conditions have been delayed because of the nectar pills which were made of the urine and excrement of living Buddha" and "Dharma Raja”. It was not a common scam, but was murdering somebody for his money. Since 2011, I have communicated with 3 Tibetan cadres deeply and learned the situation about education and social welfare in Tibet. What they have said were virtually the same. All of them greatly appreciated the medical benefits in Tibet. The Tibetans did not have to pay any fees when they registered in the hospital. The expense of hospital could be settled when they left the hospital. 85% of the expenses could be reimbursed by national special funds.  Therefore, the vast majority of Tibetans choose to see the doctors rather than to find the Lhama. They don't eat Tibetan medicines such as nectar pills either. The Lhamaism liars could not make a fortune in Tibet through peddling the nectar pills. Then the liars started to snatch in mainland China. Many people were taken in by these liars. The people in mainland China who were deceived by those liars should have a profound reflection. The mainstream media which pretend to be ignorant of deceit acts of Lhamaism liars should take a deep reflection as well.

Not only more and more Tibetan Lhama affected the mainland China, but also they taught a lot of Lhamaism liars from mainland of China to follow their evil behaviors. The Lhamaism liars in mainland of China became more and more aggressive and extreme. Yuan Haitao was a typical representative of them. A number of female lay Buddhists (Lhamaism female believers) complained to Yi Ke that they have been sexually assaulted by Yuan Haitao.


(Picture 6: The Typical Representative of Lhamaism liars in mainland China, Yuan Haitao)

Another deceitful trick used by the Tibetan Lhama and Lhamaism liars in mainland of China is to deceive wealth and flesh by advocating the doctrine of previous existence. They said people could wake up to see the truth through practicing and could see the previous existence by themselves. Their words are nonsense. Some Tibetan Lhama also uses the statement that people could wake up to see the truth through practicing and could see the previous existence with the purpose of deceiving the believers and wealth. But they dare not to make it in public. However, some Lhamaism use the blog, microblog, wechat to cheat the people publicly. He misleads the others to see the previous existence by charging them 5000 RMB per time. Many people were deceived by him. He had deceived many people's property on Buddhism Meditation. For example, he deceived Zeng Yun 5000 RMB and a jade pendant which worth 20,000.


(Picture. 7: The screenshot one of Yuan Haitao's WeChat Public Number for deceiving)


(Picture 8: The screenshot one of Yuan Haitao's WeChat Public Number for deceiving)

The doctrine of Grand Living Buddha Reincarnation System in Lhamaism has reincarnated is a very serious factor to bring the instability to the society. The civilized general religion, such as Christianity which does not have the decisive privilege contributes the good deeds to the society. Many Christians run free hospitals for the poor such as there are many Christian hospitals in the United States. However, the doctrine of living Buddha taught by Lhama was that the living Buddha is privileged among the disciples. The doctrine requires disciples to be loyal to the Living Buddha, and requires disciples to obey the honor of the living Buddha unconditionally. There are also threats to the living Buddha, such as hell which requires disciples to support the living Buddha. The male disciples gave his life to the Living Buddha, and the female disciples devoted themselves to the living Buddha. In fact, every living Buddha is like an old emperor. Why so many people invest in the certification of living Buddha? Why did more and more living Buddha appear once again? Because many people want to enjoy the privilege of the emperor, I found that the "good thing" the believers are fascinating to do is to free the creature. From the perspective of ecology, reproduction is a good thing. But from my perspective, it is a kind of hypocrisy. The real Buddhism monk of multiplication is not killed, so there is fasting. They don't eat meat. On the contrary, Lhamaism encourages the disciples to eat and drink. The hypocrisy is to conceal what they have done. In fact, every living Buddha circle is an interest circle that upholds the living Buddha. For the benefit of each other, there is a mutual suspicion. In a word, they fight for benefit and profit. Lhamaism is not a good and true religion. It is the very serious factor in the struggle because of mutual benefit. In fact, the living Buddha is very similar to the corrupted official. He has the privilege to buy his official rank. He has the privilege to search for the people's wealth. The corrupted official also has the faction, and it also has the small circle, and it has the small fight secretly. If the corrupted official is the important figure in the ruling party, it will ruin the people and contaminate the people's heart. But in the interior, the living Buddha is still there. The living Buddha is clothed with the legal coat of religion and the legitimate of religion becomes the protective umbrella of the living Buddha. "My family has nothing to do with Songtsan Gambo family”, Weifang police did not dare to take him. Not only does the "living Buddha" uniform make the police passive, the common clothes also make the police passive. Yuan Haitao is a cheater who is covered by the ordinary clothes. Once in court, Zeng Yun reported that Yuan Haitao had been deceived her, and she did not dare to put Yuan Haitao on the publicity of WeChat public account. Weifang police still does not dare to arrest him. On the contrary, if Yi Ke can see the ugly face through the absurdity of the reincarnation. After she took off the clothes of "the reincarnation of the Princess of Wen Cheng", and returned to her customs. If Yi Ke can dress in "Princess Wencheng reincarnation living Buddha" only with the fame of Princess Wencheng, no police dares to move her! Some police might even please her. This is the social reality of the absurdity ditty of the mainland! Absurdity! Absurdity! Absurdity! The coat of the Lhamaism is a coat of hooligan who deals with the evil and Falun Gong has also preached the doctrine of reincarnation. In recent years, I have found Falun Gong's shortcut to self-immolation. It's also used for reference by the Taekwondo religion. He's also taught ordinary believers to come to the world through self-immolation. This kind of practice is too bad for ordinary believers. Why don't the high-level Falun Gong practitioners burn themselves? Why not self-immolation? Why not? Why Li Hongzhi not self-immolation? Why doesnt the Dalai Lhama self-immolate?

"The Double Cultivation of Men and Women" is the effective way to transmit HIV. The "Double Cultivation of Men and Women" of Lhamaism has become an important way to infect HIV. After "Living Buddha" had double cultivation, began to feel uncomfortable, continuous low fever. They went to the hospital to check and the result is AIDS then took the isolated treatment. Because I was aware of the Lhamaism’s “double cultivation of men and women”, I immediately realized that it was not a simple case, but a serious and universal HIV transmission, because she was anonymous, I was helpless. Now I can say that, in recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the prevalence and death toll of HIV AIDS in mainland China. China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) reported a total of 694,240 cases of mandatory infectious diseases in 2014. 18237 people died. "The Double Cultivation of Men and Women" in Lhamaism educates the people not to wear condom. These abnormal sexual behaviors are the best way to spread HIV! To take immediate coercive measures! Everyone that cherishes the life must understand the "double cultivation of men and women". It's the best way to spread HIV, and every Lhama can be a carrier of HIV due to the promiscuous sexual intercourse! So now I'm giving Lhama a real alias "Buddha." We urge all the people around the world to cherish their lives for themselves and their families. Please stay away from Lhama! Please stay away from the Buddha. The consequences of HIV transmission will be catastrophic.

The government should do something to help the people who are deceived by Lhamaism. In my opinion, the primary responsibility is manifest in three aspects: one is Tibetan policy. For more than a decade, I have exchanged views with a number of Tibetan cadres who have always believed that the root to cause the embarrassment of isolated Tibet is the doctrine of the Lhamaism which has banned the idea of the Tibetans, and it is the barbarism and ignorance to make Tibetan walk away from the modern civilization. To disseminate the evil theory has seriously hindered the process of civilization in Tibet, and the large amount of financial support of the central government can only improve the living standards of Tibetan people, but there is no progress on liberation of the Tibetan peoples mind. Lhamaism lets Tibet remain in the dark corner of the world's civilization. Second, it has been regarded as a social-sensitive issue of ethnic policy and religious policy since the policy of opening-up and reform. In February of 1987, "People's Literature" a full-text publication of the second-phase publication and a novel "Brighten the fur of Your Tongue or Emptiness". This article describes the whole process of a young girl named Sangsang Zhaxi who has been chosen as the "Ming Princess" and then died after being filled. Liu Xinwu- the editor-in-chief was dismissed because he was forbidden to publish because he was too realistic. In fact, Tibet's cruel reality is much dirtier than the situation described in the novel, "Brighten the fur of your tongue or emptiness." It is much terrible. Now there are many posts on the Internet to reveal the "double cultivation of men and women" and "living Buddha". The influential writer (scholar) in the system is also afraid to punch Lhamaism. Third, the government has been out of control over the poor management of living Buddha. The attack from Lhamaism on the mainland is also attributed to the absurd rules of the game identified from the Living Buddha. "It's easy to say," said Lobsang Zhiba, " The enthronement ceremony can be either in the Grand Sutra Hall or in the small Sutra Hall, or in the Buddhist temple of the High Court, but I have to support the temple at several hundreds of thousands of RMB, and the small sutra hall is also a hundreds of thousands of RMB. I am a little confused about the future! Because I used to sniff out several hundreds of thousands RMB in Tibet to buy the certification of living Buddha's card, but I didn't see something different." In fact, the real tragedy of Yike is not an accident, but reflects the universal problem of the absurd rules of the game identified from the Vulgar Buddha. In general, according to the grotesque rules of the game identified from Lhamaism, any living Buddha can identify the new living Buddha. From the Internet, on January 18th of 2016, the Tibetan Buddhism query system developed by the China Buddhist Association is on the website of the Chinese Buddhist Association (, the website of the National Religious Affairs Bureau and the China Tibet Network. This system is regarded as the "pioneering river" of China's religious circles, and it is the first Internet search for the information of domestic religious staff. The first group published the information of 870 living Buddha in China and announced the name of living Buddha, the law name, the law number, the birth date, the section, the living Buddha's certificate number, the temple and the photos. I looked at the system, and the deceitful Lausanne was not in the system. If the living Buddha in this system is called "official living Buddha", Most are in Tibet in which more look like the folk Buddha of Lobsang Zhiba. It is said that there are more than 300,000 people living Buddha in Tibet. The population of Tibet is more than 3 million but the living Buddha is more than 300,000. It means there is one living Buddha among the 10 Tibetans. The living Buddha does not do any work but he is superior to others and 10 Tibetans cannot afford to support one living Buddha. What should be done by living Buddha? That can not only be carried to the mainland but also to Taiwan. The 14th Dalai Lhama did not find himself in the living Buddha query system according to China's Tibet Web. He then protested the system through a statement by his supporters. The nature of the Dalai Lhama is to boost his business through the influence of the system. Dalai Lhama has "identified" many living Buddha. From 1980 to 1994, he was "cognizant" of temples. He also "found" a lot of foreign Buddha, such as a Spanish friend Torres who was only 14 months old in 1986. Dalai Lhama's "determination" is actually "wholesale", and the Dalai Lhama is the most famous "living Buddha" wholesale professional in the world. It's said that in Tibet, Sichuan, etc. about 200,000 to 300,000 RMB can be bought as a living Buddha. It can be seen that wholesale living Buddha is a good business. Thousands of living Buddha identified from the Dalai Lhama are not in that system, so the system affects the system. The "living Buddha" wholesale business of the Dalai Lhama. Observing from the methodology of capital and the purpose of investment is to get return, and the overwhelming majority of people who buy the title of living Buddha must recover their cost, gain profits and recover the cost. What are the means of profiteering? That is to deceive the mainland. The root cause of the disaster in the mainland of China! According to the rules of the live Buddha taught by the Gelukba, the old living Buddha also benefits from the new living Buddha. Losang Zhiba thinks that Yi Ke can't be a living Buddha, but Losang Zhiba wants to take more advantage of Princess Wencheng's Living Buddha to cheat money and flesh. When she saw the ugly face of the evil faith in Lhamaism so Yi Ke discontinued to cooperate with him, and was gradually alienated from Lobsang Zhiba, so Lobsang Zhiba was more and more resentful, then joined hands with Yuan Haitao to persecute Yi Ke. If the grotesque rules of the game are not reformed or abolished, there will be more and more living Buddha, so the social problems of living Buddha will become more and more serious. The absurd "Living Buddha" is recognized as evil! Any Chinese who have the conscience should refuse and deport the absurd "Living Buddha" of the Lhamaism.

It's not easy to promote the reform of Lhamaism. It is more complicated social system that needs to joint hands with the Tibetan local government, the central government, the national judiciary, the Buddhist association, the enlightened Buddhist, the writers (scholars), and the media, and also mobilizes the responsible person of the whole country and the victims who were deceived by Lhamaism to actively take part in the campaign.

What should the Tibetan local government and the central government do to promote the reform of Lhamaism? The feudal government in history dared to force the Taoism to give up the "double cultivation of men and women", dared to destroy the Hindu religion, and dared to expel the Lhamaism. Why can't the government adopt measures to reform the "double cultivation of men and women". In the late 1960s, Bhutan abolished the serfdom through political reform, abolished the unification of politics and religion, and the king of Bhutan declared "the double cultivation of men and women" is illegal. Over 60 years have passed since the peaceful liberation of Tibet. When the evil doctrine of Bhutan does not reform, it is more and more harmful to the mainland and the world, so the central government and the local government of Tibet should wake up to see the nature of the Lhamaism! In order to eradicate "double cultivation of men and women", the violator must be strictly punished according to the crime terms of fraud and rape in law. The central government should explicitly prohibit the "copyright law" of places outside Tibet before the Lhamaism did not achieve the goal to separate "double cultivation men and women". This is not only the protection of people outside Tibet, but also the protection of harm to the world. The central government of China and the local government of Tibet should also support and encourage the writers and scholars to give out the accurate interpretation on the evil doctrine such as "double cultivation of men and women" let the Tibetan people and the people from the country and the world learn about the "double cultivation of men and women" to prevent to be deceived again.

One of the important means to promote the reform of Lhamaism is to strike the Lhamaism liars according to law. The national judicial authorities should immediately use legal means to crack down on the liars who deceive wealth and flesh in the mainland, and encourage the victims to report to the public security organs. For example, the liars under the banner of "double cultivation of man and women" in the future, they will be punished severely for the crime. The State Food and Drug Administration should strictly prohibit the production and sale of "nectar pills". "Living Buddha" whole body is "precious", urine is the main ingredient of nectar pill, hair, pubic hair, fingernails, exfoliated teeth, clothing, shoe are the "active ingredients" of nectar pill. After death, blood, meat, visceral, ashes are also the "active ingredients" of nectar pill. But it's the ignorant witchcraft product of ancient Tibet, but it's ridiculous! It's ridiculous! If Food and Drug Administration does not take some measures to eliminate the "nectar pill" immediately, the stagnation on this issue will allow the Lhamaism’s liars to corrupt the world again! It is dereliction of duty.

The reincarnation XIV Dalai Lhama (Tenzin Gyatso) is the "living Buddha" who enjoys the world reputation. He should speak out the voice to eradicate the evil doctrine of "the double cultivation of men and women". Karu was the reincarnation XIV Dalai Lhama and the first Rinpoche, and Karu became a world-class scandal. Everyone can guess that the reincarnation XIVDalai Lhama and the Gawa Lhama might have been sexually assaulting the old Lhama of Karu. Will the Karu be invaded by sex and will the little Lhama can still get exempted from being sexually assaulted as the leader of the Gelugpa. The Dalai Lhama must be sincere to reveal the truth of the "double cultivation of men and women" to the world. Otherwise, the reincarnation XIV Dalai Lhama told the media to end the Dalai Lhama system many times. For example, on February 22nd, 2010, the Dalai Lhama said in an interview with US National Radio, "If the Tibetan people feel that the Dalai Lhama is an outdated system, the system will disappear." I will be the last Dalai Lhama and the religious system of the Dalai Lhama will end with the 14th Dalai Lhama, "the Dalai Lhama told German media on Sept 7th of 2014." I think the reincarnation XIVDalai Lhama's comments on the termination of the regime of reincarnation are positive, but he does not talk to him because he identifies thousands of "living Buddha". The reform should not only terminate the transition of the Dalai Lhama, but also terminate the system of reincarnation. The reincarnation of the living Buddha was made by the Gelugpa in order to meet the goal of political unity. So the reincarnation of the living Buddha should be stopped. The idea that the reincarnation XIV Dalai Lhama will end the regime of reincarnation is not just a political plot, but a concrete conspiracy to dominate the world by deceiving the flesh and soul. I call for  the termination of the reincarnation system of living Buddhaand end the system of reincarnation. The doctrine of evil is not only to interfere in politics but also to contaminate the life of the human, to manipulate the human mind, and to resist the development of normal religion.

We call on the relevant international organizations and many politicians in Western countries, such as the United States, make contributions to the reform of Lhamaism. Dalai Lhama has won the Nobel Peace Prize which shows that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee does not understand the essence of the evil doctrine of Lhamaism, such as "double cultivation of men and women". For many years, many politicians in Western countries such as the United States, have prepared a courteous reception for Dalai Lhama, from which shows many politicians in western countries do not understand the evil doctrine of Lhamaism, such as "double cultivation of men and women". I translate this article into English and other languages in order to let the United States and many other Western countries, the international community and the international organizations know about the truth of Lhamaism’s "double cultivation of men and women". As a result, we could create a favorable international environment for the reform of Lhamaism. If Dalai Lhama does not take any actions to cut off the evil doctrine of Lhamaism, such as "double cultivation of men and women" that means he would be an old satyr and he would continue to be an old satyr. I hope that many politicians in Western countries such as the United States. They should give up on meeting Dalai Lhama after this deep reading.


(Picture 9: Former President Barack Obama's meeting with Dalai Lhama in the White House)

I have learned from the Internet that many Lhamaism liars started to deceive wealth and flesh in recent years in some civilized countries such as the United States. There are more and more sexual scandals about Lhamaism liars in the world, especially in the United States. I think it must have something to connect with frequent meeting between many western politicians and Dalai Lhama. Because of the frequent meeting, the international fame of Dalai Lhama has improved significantly. That means the international fame of Lhamaism has greatly improved as well. As a result, the people in some civilized countries such as the United States who know little about Lhamaism "double cultivation of men and women" is to deceive the wealth and flesh through those liars. The former president of the United States Mr. Obama has a close relationship with Dalai Lhama and they have met for several times. When I see the photos of Mr. Obama with Dalai Lhama, I often think that whether Mr. Obama and his family have eaten “Dalai Lhama nectar pills” which were made of the urine and excrement of Dalai Lhama. If Dalai Lhama would like to have ‘double cultivation with Obama’s two daughters, will Obama agree with it? I strongly call on Americans who were deceived on wealth and flesh by Lhamaism liars to sit in front of the door of Obama's house to show their protest.

As far as I know, many Tibetan people have studied in the United States, Britain and other civilized nations and have received the nurture of western civilization since the reform and opening up. Therefore I earnestly hope that the Tibetan people who have received the nurture of western civilization could learn from Kulu II and stand up bravely to reveal the evil doctrine of Lhamaism’s "double cultivation of men and women". We should make contributions to promote the reform of Lhamaism and the civilization process in Tibet.

We hope that the people who living at the bottom of Tibetan society will also make contributions to the reform of Lhamaism. Why did I decide to translate this article into Tibetan language? I hope that you will deeply see the awful nature of this evil doctrine on reflecting the dirty history and ugly reality of Lhamaism’s "double cultivation of men and women" through my article. Act from myself and absolutely resist the Lhamaism’s "double cultivation of men and women". We should protect our wives and daughters and do not let the double cultivation approach our wives and daughters. Let the Lhama have double cultivation with their mothers and daughters. Let the Lhama have double cultivation with female beasts such as bitches, sows, mares. You are supposed to realize that tens of thousands of living Buddha are the persons who deceive your wealth and flesh. The Lhama is your vampire. The more Lhama exist, the poorer you will be. Through the reform of Lhamaism, Lhama must become a good person with justified perspective on human. Let Lhama become a self-supporting person. Let Lhama become the person that helps the poor people.

We call on Taiwan to make some contributions to the reform of Lhamaism. It is learned from the Internet that, there have been a lot of Lhamaism liars who deceive wealth and flesh in Taiwan in recent years. Sexual scandals emerge endlessly. We call on Taiwan's authorities to crack down on the Lhamaism liars who deceive wealth and flesh. We call on the media in Taiwan to reveal the true face of Lhamaism liars. We call on religious circles in Taiwan and Taiwanese People to to resist Lhamaism.

In a word, the trend of world civilization goes forward with great strength and vigor. Who obeys it will live prosperously. Who objects it will die. The ignorant Lhamaism must conform to the trend of world civilization! It must be reformed immediately!

First draft finished on July 24th of 2017

Final draft finished on July 30th of 2017